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Pine Lake Ranch Blog

Pine Lake Ranch is a true rustic wedding and event venue located in Montgomery Texas, near Houston. 

We have over 26 acres of land on our ranch for you and your guests to enjoy. 

Hosting rustic and barn styled weddings is our specialty, but with the variety of amenities that we have, Pine Lake Ranch is the perfect venue to host any number of occasions.

This is our blog page where you can stay up to date on all things Pine Lake Ranch, or come for inspiration for planning your own wedding or event. 

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Pine Lake Ranch Blog

Social Media Updates

by Pine Lake Ranch on 05/10/17

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Western Texas Wedding Inspiration

by Pine Lake Ranch on 04/25/17

Western Wedding Ideas

ranch wedding
One of the most popular wedding event fads is the western wedding fad.
Couples are choosing locations like ranch wedding celebration locations and barn wedding locations to hold their big day and with those places comes a fun western feel. Anxious your wedding event will not have a classy feeling if you selected a rustic wedding celebration area, don't worry about it. We have several ideas for holding a western wedding that will keep your wedding event stylish and elegant all the while including a western feel.

Include a couple of hay bales for the best in western wedding celebration decoration. Making a western style wedding just got easier since all
you need is to add some hay bales and you have the ideal seating
choice for your guests. Hay bundles have actually been a fad in rustic wedding celebrations from the very start, the majority is likely due to that they are commonly readily available at most rustic locations! Over the years we have seen them incorporated right into wedding events in so many lovely ways. 
Mismatched Patchwork Covered Hay Bales for Round Seating. We love these mismatched quilt treatments equally as much as we enjoy the suggestion of round seating for a ceremony held under a large oak tree. This is an ideal option for a ranch wedding celebration if you intend to add some color to the setup!
Ceremony Prop. Some couples use hay bales as style for their ranch wedding event making it actually feel like a ranch wedding celebration! Its gorgeous as well as charming.
hay couch 
The hay bales capture the light so beautifully. If you are having a ranch wedding event, take into consideration all of the facets of the ranch where the beauty of farming is currently in place! Large Sofa for Visitor Seating. Some wedding celebrations showcase a large couch made from several hay bales for visitors to rest. We love the suggestion of a large love seat and also it is so wonderful looking! Decorate it with some large overstuffed cushions and a soft patchwork and your guests will definitely love it!
Some wedding celebrations feature hay bales as bases for aisle lanterns. 
It's such innovative use for a barn wedding celebration.  Make use of hay bundles as seeing for dinner! Each can be covered with a bedsheet and also connected at the edges to keep it connected. This is such an excellent idea for a rustic ranch wedding event supper!

Forgo the high heels as jump into a pair of cowboy boots. Putting on these country boots can make your wedding event immediately look western and also you don't need to fret about sinking into the dirt in the ground.
It could definitely be an issue with high heels on!
pickup wedding truck
A pickup can be wonderful for an escape car, a picture prop or as a place to gather gifts.

A horse you will certainly make your wedding event western. It is the ideal western wedding prop! 
horse gear
Add a couple of horseshoes to your special day decor not only is it good luck but the also are a classic western symbol. 

A large trend in the invitation world the past few years has been the scarf invite. We are in love with how country elegant these invitations are and also we believe they function flawlessly for a western appearance.
jean wedding
Adding a small touch of jeans is a best way to include a western style seek to your wedding celebration. Think about having jean jackets for your bridesmaids or adding a denim t shirt over your wedding event gown for some select photos.

We hope that these ideas can help spark some inspiration for you in planning your rustic style wedding here at Pine Lake Ranch!

Cheap Bachelor Party Ideas

by Pine Lake Ranch on 04/24/17

Cheap Ideas for your Bachelor Party

Need to come up with some ideas for your bachelor party that isn't going to break the bank? No worries, we have a list of ideas that you'll love.

Baseball Game

baseball game
Baseball games are a great time for everyone and they are cheap! Enjoy the outdoors, some beer, and America's favorite pastime. Have some hot dogs and peanuts. After the game, you and your boys can head on over to the local bar or restaurant to finish off the night.

Sports Night Bachelor Party

sports bar
On a similar note, you can have a sports night. Just plan your bachelor party on the same day as a big game, and take over your favorite sports bar. Enjoy the game with order after order of barbecue wings and brews. 

Bowling Party

So when's the last time that you went bowling? Probably has been a while. We promise that you forgot how much fun it is. Get out there on the lanes and have a blast!

Bachelor Arcade Night

Arcades are great! Now there are a ton of places that are arcade bars where you can put those pac man skills to work. The amount of arcade games that are out there now are incredible. It's a great cheap way to have a good time with the groomsmen. Just need quarters. 

Poker Night Bachelor Party

Bust out the poker table and chips. Get some cigars and beers, and everyone pitch in on the pot! Here's an idea that may actually make you some money depending on how good your poker face is. Cheap and fun bachelor party, and maybe you'll even win big!

Bachelor Barbecue

A good old fashioned barbecue is just right to have a great bachelor party for cheap. Just get some steaks, burgers, brats, and beers, and have a good time in your own backyard. 

What Do I Need To Know When Planning My Chic Rustic Wedding?

by Pine Lake Ranch on 04/21/17

As a rustic wedding venue near Houston Texas, people are always inquiring about what they need to know when getting everything prepared for their wedding day.


In response to this we have decided to put together a basic list of all the information that every wedding stylist is going to need to know about your chic rustic wedding plans.

Of course, this list does not have everything that you will need to know, and some of the questions only you can answer, like what rustic wedding venue near Houston Texas you will be having your wedding at. But it is a good basic guide of info that you will be needing to to have. Hopefully having this information readily available before hand will help to make the process of setting up a wedding just a little bit easier.


tree light up for rustic wedding at Pine Lake Ranch

 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 


1. When is your wedding date?


Obviously this is one of the first question that anyone working on your wedding is going to need the answer to in order to make sure that they are available on the date as well as any vendors and rustic wedding venues near Houston Texas you will be booking.


Many wedding services and venues can be booked a long way out in advance, so it is important to first work out all of the scheduling details before getting too deep in the rest of the process like choosing which rustic wedding venue you will be hosting your wedding at. 


2. At what rustic wedding venue will your wedding take place?

Pine Lake Ranch Wedding Venue Barn

 The next most important thing that any wedding coordinator will need to know is where you will be hosing your wedding and reception. Of course, we hope that you will be hosting your wedding with us at Pine Lake Ranch. We are a 5 star rated rustic wedding venue near Houston Texas. However, no matter where you plan on having your wedding and reception, it is important to have these details worked out well in advance and to inform your wedding planner as soon as possible which wedding venue you will be choosing.


Make sure that you send over a clear way of communicating the wedding venue that you would like to have your rustic wedding and reception at, as there can be very similar named event venues.


If the venue is local to Houston Texas, then you may be in luck if you are working with a wedding planner, as they very well may have worked with the wedding venue in the past.


3. Who is the wedding coordinator at the venue?


wedding tree at Pine Lake Ranch

Some wedding venue's have their own wedding coordinators that you, or your stylist will be working with in order to help you to arrange your rustic wedding near Houston. 


It will be very helpful if your wedding stylist knows who your coordinator from the venue is before he or she tries to contact the venue to begin making arrangements for decorations, and vendors, and everything else. This way the two can coordinate their skills more seamlessly. 


4. Can you have a meeting at your wedding venue?


ranch house at Pine Lake Ranch

Your wedding stylist or coordinator may be very familiar with the rustic wedding venue that you have chosen near Houston Texas, but regardless, he or she will benefit by meeting with the owners or coordinator, or some kind of representative of the wedding and reception venue prior to making all of the other wedding arrangements. 


When meeting up at the rustic wedding venue, take note of all of the areas that are provided. For example, at Pine Lake Ranch, we have over 26 acres of land for you to style and utilize for your chic rustic style Texas wedding. From a true rustic barn and a centuries old live oak tree, to a Ranch House, private fishing lake, and open aired corral, there are limitless options at Pine Lake Ranch for you to utilize and enjoy while designing your rustic wedding. 


5. What is your wedding's color scheme?


wedding guests at Pine Lake Ranch

A wedding planners job is to create a beautiful wedding for you to enjoy. One of the first thing that you and your planner should discuss is what color you would like for your wedding.


Don't worry if you do not know what scheme you want to go with before you meet up with your stylist. They will be happy to meet up with you and discuss and show you all of your options. And once you and them meet up at the rustic wedding venue that you want to have your event at, this may help you even more to choose your color scheme and see what it will actually look like.


6. Are the meals seated?


Before figuring out the details of your seating for the reception, your wedding stylist will wish to make sure that your reception will be having a seated meal. If you are having your rustic wedding at the Pine Lake Ranch venue, near Houston Texas, then we would absolutely recommend that you do have a seated meal as we have a beautiful rustic barn that is perfect for having large seating arrangements for all of your guests. 


7. How many people will you be seating for the wedding and the reception?

Your wedding stylist will be needing to know how many people you are going to have seated at both your wedding ceremony, as well as the reception. For the reception, they will want to know specifically how many people will be at the seated meal that you have in the rustic barn for you wedding reception.  This way they can have a basic idea, or start to formulate ideas on how they will be arranging everything as well as start coordinating with your food vendors on portions and amounts of food. 


8. What size and shape are your tables?

pine lake ranch barn for wedding reception


The size and shape of the tables that you will be using for your wedding reception will have a direct impact on how they will be set out in the true rustic barn. 

This information is also needed for fitting the tables with runners and table cloths, napkins, and other decorations for the wedding venue near Houston Texas that will fit in with you color scheme that you have picked out. 

We hope that this is helpful information for you to have to begin your planning for your wedding. We hope that you end up having your wedding at our rustic wedding venue near Houston. We know that you will love it! From our lake to our barn, and open air corral, we have everything that you could ever need to have the most beautiful and chic rustic wedding in Texas. wedding reception in barn

Barn Wedding Ideas

by Pine Lake Ranch on 04/18/17

A barn wedding is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate your special day. The barn at Pine Lake Ranch, is beautiful, large, and versatile. 

We have seen some pretty amazing weddings over the years. From formal and beautiful, to creative and fun. It is your wedding, and we are here to help ensure that it is exactly how you imagine it to be! Here are some images of how happy couples have decorated in the past.
pine lake ranch barn pine lake ranch wedding

pine lake ranch barn wedding

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