10 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Actually Want

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10 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Actually Want

Proposing to your bridesmaids is an exciting first step in the wedding planning process! You want to give them a meaningful gift that is fun yet functional. To help you create a cute proposal that includes useful goodies, here are 10 gifts that your bridesmaids actually want!


  1. A Robe or Pajama Set


Bridesmaid robes are a classic choice! They are a cozy gift that come in hand on the day of the wedding. Your bridesmaids can wear them to prevent any damage to their hair and makeup, plus they’re perfect for some super cute photographs. If robes aren’t your thing, opt for a silky pajama set instead.


  1. A Tumbler (With a Lid)


You can never have too many tumblers! The trick is choosing a tumbler of decent quality. In general, aim for stainless steel or a vacuum seal. We also recommend opting for a style with a lid. This makes them easy to carry wherever and less prone to spills. You can even customize them with your girl’s names. 


  1. Simple Jewelry


Jewelry is another popular choice, although we have some tips! When choosing jewelry, the simpler the better. You want your girls to be able to wear it long after the wedding, which can be difficult if it is too gaudy. We recommend a plain pair of studs, a simple dainty chain, or another similar piece.


  1. A Tote Bag


Totes are totally in! A tote bag is useful come time for your bachelorette party, and long after. They will be able to use it for day trips, beach trips and so much more. We recommend a cute jute tote with sturdy handles, and maybe custom embroidery. Aim for a tote that has no compartments, so as not to limit what it can carry.


  1. Sweets!


Sweets are a hit depending on your girls. You can grab them a classic chocolate bar, a set of cute champagne gummies, or their personal favorite. Whatever it may be, your girls will appreciate the sentiment.


  1. A Bath Bomb (or Two)


Your girls will be exhausted from assisting you with wedding planning, so treat them to an extra luxurious bath. Bath bombs are relatively affordable, and always appreciated. If you want to give them a few more gifts, add in a jade roller, some sheet masks, and maybe a trendy nail polish.


  1. Round Beach Towel


If your girl gang loves the beach then we definitely recommend a beach towel. Good beach towels are hard to come by, and the cuter the better. Round beach towels are especially popular right now, as they lend lots of room and are especially trendy. This gift is even better if your bachelorette party will take place near a beach.


  1. Cozy Flats or Sneakers


Keep your bridesmaid’s comfort in mind and give them the gift of happy feet. A pair of simple sandals, flats or sneakers are perfect for the wedding reception. It will give them a break from their formal heels, and allow them to hit the dance floor. When choosing shoes, just make sure they are sturdy and cute. You want them to be able to wear them again!


  1. A Matching T-Shirt


Matching bridesmaid t-shirts are fun, but be warned! Like any gift, you want them to be able to wear it again. It’s unlikely that they will rewear a shirt that has “bridesmaid” plastered across the front. Opt for a classic color, something neutral, and subtle wording. Things like an embroidered monogram, or the words “forever eva” with your wedding date hidden on the collar.


  1. A Heartfelt Letter


If you’re gifting on a budget, no worries! A heartfelt message, alone or with another small gift, will go a long way. Tell each of your girls why you picked them to be in your party, what they mean to you, and rehash your glory days. It will make for a super special proposal and a nifty keepsake.


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