10 Ways to Use Greenery For Wedding Decorations

10 Ways to Use Greenery For Wedding Decorations

A popular choice for wedding decorations, fresh or faux greenery is simple yet gorgeous. It can be used for railings, place settings and everything in between. Greenery compliments next to every wedding style or theme and is relatively affordable. Consider the following ways to use greenery for your own wedding and reception.


Create a Backdrop

Backdrops are useful in areas that you plan to have photographs taken, like behind a cake table or the wedding party’s dinner table. It is also ideal for a photo station to help make your guests stand out. A backdrop made of greenery, such as boxwood panels, are easy to set up and chic. You can attach other decorations as well, including flowers or a personalized cut-out.


To Enhance Signage

Depending on the type of signage you will have on display, you may need to help it stand out. You don’t want your guests to miss any important details, like a welcome sign, a schedule or directions. A simple touch of greenery can go a long way. Drape garland over a square sign, or tie a bunch of greenery onto one corner. You can let it drape to the floor, keep it short, or aim for extra height.


As Garland

If tulle isn’t your style for draping, go with greenery. As previously mentioned, greenery makes for a beautiful garland that will compliment most wedding themes and palettes. Use it to wrap bannisters, drape across table fronts and chair backs, and to tie back curtains.


Minimalist Centerpieces

Minimal decor is becoming a more popular trend as it not only costs less but appears clean and elegant. Greenery is a beautiful option, for a standalone table runner on long tables. For circular tables, it can be wrapped around a centerpiece. If you want a more full table center, pair it a smattering of candles and metallic trinkets or flowers.


Overhead Decor

If your wedding venue has a ceiling that is lackluster, or simply not to your standards, greenery makes for a stunning cover up. Canopies are a beautiful choice for covering seating areas or dinner tables. If you want to be more sparing, just a few strands of garland across the top of a tent is plenty. Alternatively, greenery can be combined with other decorations, like lighting and flowers, for a full  less plain look.


For Archways, Arbors and Entryways

Versus leaving an archway or entryway boring and bare, a touch of greenery can turn it into something beautiful. Little touches such as this will make a big difference if they appear in the background of a photograph. If you have any arbors, like for the backdrop of the wedding ceremony, garland or a cluster of greenery will go a long way.


Aisle Runners

An alternative to breakable lanterns or the standard floral arrangement, greenery is simple yet equally gorgeous. It will take less time to set up, whether you choose to tie it across all of the center aisle seats, or trail it along the ground. If you prefer, you can create bunches of greenery instead, to tie to the side of the center seats, or use it to fill individual french galvanized buckets.


Place Cards & Escort Cards

Creating unique place cards can be tedious. Instead, use a simple branch of greenery to add a vibrant touch of color to every plate. If you are aiming for an eco-friendly wedding, you can also use leaves or pine cones for escort cards. Write each guest’s name in white or a metallic color on a sizable leaf. Hang them from strings for a dramatic search, or set them out on each plate.


Abstract Hangings

If a full canopy is too simple, go with abstract hangings for a more whimsical look. This can include wreaths, loops, lanterns, edison lights, or metal geometric terrarium frames. Either hang these items directly from the greenery or add the greenery directly to the item in tufts.


Spruce Up The Cake

If you prefer a traditional wedding cake but worry it may be too plain, a little tuft of greenery here and there will add some much needed color. Pair eucalyptus and white flowers, or another leafy plant, in bunches or wrapped around each tier. Greenery looks especially well on the currently popular ‘naked’ cakes.


At Pine Lake Ranch we are loving the natural and minimalistic trends! Our rustic venue looks stunning draped in both faux and fresh foliage, plus it compliments our lush and expansive grounds. Before committing to any decorations be sure you book a trip to our venue to learn about all of the ways that you can transform the space. In addition, we would love to show you the rentals we have available onsite. Contact us today to schedule a visit, or if you have any questions. We can’t wait to be a part of your special day!