13 Photos You Need to Take With Your Bridal Party

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13 Photos You Need to Take With Your Bridal Party

On your wedding day you will want to capture as many moments as possible! And it all starts with your girls. Keep reading to learn about 15 photos that you need to take with your bridal party. These creative poses are sure to make for some fun memories and photographs.


1. Jumping on the Bed

There is something special about doing a childish activity – like jumping on the bed! Especially on a momentous day such as your wedding. Get everyone up on the bed, put on a good tune, and let loose for a minute or two.


2. Mid Getting Ready

By far some of the most hilarious photos are those taken mid-preparation. Like when your girls have their hair half curled and only one false lash on. Be sure to give your photographer full access to your dressing quarters so that they can capture these moments.


3. Matching Sleepwear

Matching bridal robes and pajama sets are a popular bridesmaid gift. If you gifted one to each of your girls, be sure to request that they wear them while getting ready. Then your photographer will be able to snag some cute photos, both candid and posed.


4. Primping

A classic photo, everyone loves the image of a mom helping her daughter get dressed. But this photo can also be taken with your girls. Once your dress is on, instruct everyone to act like they’re helping out. They can fluff your skirt, spray your hair, or help put your shoes on.


5. First Look

As with your husband, we recommend doing a first look with your girls. This is a special moment, especially for brides whose bridesmaids have been in their life since childhood. Plan it right and you’re bound to get a few tears or some elated expressions!


6. Lipstick in the Mirror

To take this photo, you will have to have a sizable mirror. First, have all your girls grab a tube of lipstick. Then have them lineup or cram together in front of the mirror. Once the photographer has everyone in the frame, act like you’re putting on lipstick. 


7. A Crowded Bathroom

A fun alternative to the previous shot, this image is a nod to the day-of mayhem. Have all your bridesmaids cram into the bathroom, with each one performing a certain activity. One girl may peek out from the shower. Another may be shaving her leg in the sink. One may be blow drying her hair. The more packed it is the better!


8. Drink in Hand

If you’re celebrating with a glass of bubbly, be sure to snap some pictures. This is especially fun if you will be opening a glass of champagne with cork. For the best photo, get everyone lined up with their glasses in hand to cheer you on.


9. Praying

For the religious bride an image of your girl group praying is a must-have. More specifically, them praying over you. We recommend grabbing a chair to sit in. Then have your girls surround you and place one hand on you to pray. Close your eyes and look down partially for a more intimate photo.


10. Bouquets Up!

If you’ve accessorised your bridesmaid’s with a beautiful bouquet, be sure to photograph them. While you will definitely get some portraits, don’t be afraid to have some fun. Our favorite bouquet shot is simple. Get in a line and instruct your girls to hold their bouquet up. Encourage them to shout and make some noise to get the most natural expressions.


11. Walking at the Camera

Natural movement makes for some of the best photos. For this one, you and your girls will line up facing the photographer. You can hold hands or link arms, whichever you prefer. Then all at once start walking towards the photographer. Be sure to smile and laugh for some fun candid images!


12. One-on-One

Your photographer should take a photograph of you with each of your girls. But we think you should go a step further. After you have gotten a plain smile out of the way, give each other a hug. Side-by-side and grinning ear to ear. After that, instruct your bridesmaid to pick a pose to do with you! You will have a set of fun and completely personal images with each bridesmaid.


13. Legs Out

If the bridesmaid dresses you selected are a little bit sexy, have fun with it, specifically if the gowns have a slit in the skirt. You don’t have to have your girls pose in any specific way. Just instruct them to point their leg out of the slit. This photo will look even better if they all have high heels on!


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