2020 Wedding Dress Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

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2020 Wedding Dress Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Picking out your wedding gown is debatably one of the most exciting steps in the wedding planning process. Check out some of the 2020 wedding dress trends that you are likely to find on the bridal store racks.


Ball Gowns

Have we mentioned ball gowns in every wedding dress trend article we have written? Yes. That’s because they’re timeless and make a big statement without going overboard. Ball gowns are no longer just the epitome of the princess look, but can be romantic, ethereal and elegant. This attention-grabbing silhouette is incredibly versatile and can be made with a variety of materials and details.


Floral Prints

Floral prints are getting bigger and bolder this season. What started as delicate embroidery overlays has grown into large vibrant prints. Eye-catching and colorful, it is the perfect for a spring or summer wedding. If  a bride is looking for a traditional dress with a little extra oomph, a floral print could be the way to go.



It may not be for everyone, but ruffles are a whimsical and romantic detail that are a unique way to add volume. They can be found on a number of parts on a wedding dress, from the sleeves, to the bodice and skirt. This high fashion trend is an easy way to stand out yet remain feminine, especially in combination with other materials, like lace and tulle.



Especially popular for or those with a casual theme, overlays are simple yet elegant. Besides being beautiful, they assist in keeping a bride cool and comfortable throughout the long day. Overlays can be made with a variety of materials to achieve different looks and weights. Many times they are also complemented with appliques, beads and/or sequins.


Short Dresses

A bride may choose a short dress for a number of reasons, from the season to their style or the wedding theme. Not to mention “short” includes a variety of different lengths, including tea length, maxi, knee length and mini. A short dress is a great way to pull off the bridal look and show some leg. Additionally, many brides choose to purchase a second dress for the reception. Often times a shorter dress is preferable if the reception is more casual, or if dancing is on the agenda.



Let your inner joy shine on the outside with a wedding gown that is just as bright. Bling is picking up this season from metallic embellishments,beading and sequins. It can be as toned up or down as a bride prefers, while remaining sophisticated and romantic.


Fuschia Accents

Could be the standout wedding color of the year? Fuschia is popping up in all kinds of designs and on all areas of dresses. Whereas the previous decade has been about soft colors, like pastel blue and blush, this one seems to be leaning towards a more bold palette. Expect to find fuschia accents on capes, embroidery, hairpieces, sashes and more.



If you’re a powersuit kind of gal, trousers or a wedding jumpsuit are an option. You’re sure to stand out in this look, yet maintain an elegant appearance. Some trouser or pant suit looks are paired with a cape, overskirt or suit jacket, making it an easy piece to personalize. Above all else, this trend is a winner for being sleek, figure-flattering and comfortable.


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