5 Reasons You Need a Venue with a Bridal Suite

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5 Reasons You Need a Venue with a Bridal Suite

When it comes to selecting a wedding venue, one with a bridal suite is best! A unique addition to any venue, they have quickly become an essential for many brides. Keep reading to learn why you should opt for a venue with a bridal suite and why you may regret it should you not. Plus learn about the recently renovated bridal suite available for use at Pine Lake Ranch.


More Space

The morning of your wedding is all about hanging with your girls. To get ready for the day, you want a cozy place to relax and get dressed. A hotel room will work but a bridal suite will make for better memories. With more space and furniture that isn’t a bed, you will have everything you need to accommodate a hairdresser and makeup artist as well. It is a much better alternative to girls running in between multiple hotel rooms, with a floor covered in overnight bags and clothes.


The Amenities

Aside from being spacious, a bridal suite should have well thought out amenities. At Pine Lake Ranch we have included everything you may need to prepare for your special day. There is a large living room and kitchen area, so everyone can relax and grab a bite. We have a handful of makeup stations, so that your girls don’t have to squeeze in front of a mirror. There is also a shower so that anyone can shower or wash their hair for styling.



A downside of getting dressed at a hotel is that you have to leave everything there. This means you either repack everything you will need throughout the day or decide to go without. At Pine Lake Ranch you have access to our bridal suite from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. We ensure that all of your personal items will be safe during the day, so that you can enjoy your wedding without any worries. You’ll have easy access throughout the day, whether you need  a little break or to touch up your makeup.



Easily the biggest perk of a bridal suite is that it is on-site. Meaning, when it comes time to leave the suite and head to the ceremony it is only a few steps away.. You won’t have to worry about your bridesmaids getting there on time or the stress that comes with transportation. It will make for an all around easier day and give you peace of mind that you can stay on time.



As with many brides, beautiful photographs are a priority. At Pine Lake Ranch we kept this in mind when renovating the space. In our bridal suite you will find gorgeous furnishings, bright colors, and lots of natural light. It makes for downright stunning photographs that you will cherish for years to come.


Want to make sure our bridal suite checks off all of your boxes? We would be glad to take you on a tour of the space! We strive to ensure all of our brides that they will have an enjoyable and memorable wedding day experience, from start to finish.