7 Beauty Appointments to Make Before Your Wedding Day

7 Beauty Appointments to Make Before Your Wedding Day

Prior to your special day there are a number of beauty appointments you need to make. While not every treatment will be your cup of tea, our list covers some of the most popular options for you to choose from. The following appointments will ensure that you look and feel your very best when you walk down the aisle.


Hair Coloring

To achieve the perfect hair color for your wedding you should book an appointment  two weeks before your wedding day. The same applies for a regular root touch up. This time frame will allow the color more time to settle, so that it will appear natural. It is not recommended that you attempt a drastic change for the first time, or go for one solid color.


Spray Tan

A natural glow is the objective of many brides to be. If you plan to get a spray tan, you should book your appointment for three days before your wedding. Immediately after your tan be sure to drink a lot of water, as proper hydration will allow your skin to gain elasticity and hold the color longer. You can expect the color to take around 24-48 hours before it will fully develop.


Skin Treatments

A skin treatment is a great way to improve and rejuvenate your complexion for your wedding day. A week before the date you can receive  a soothing and hydrating facial to brighten and plump. Anything more intensive, should be scheduled much further out so that your skin will have time to completely heal.


Teeth Whitening

With all of the photographs that will be taken on your wedding day, you will want a pristine smile. Book an in-office teeth whitening service a few weeks prior to your wedding date. Afterwards, you will be sent home with a whitening kit so that you can perform another treatment before the big day.



Eyebrow microblading is a serious treatment that requires significant healing time. After all, you are essentially getting a semi-permanent tattoo. This appointment needs to be booked around 3 months out from your wedding day. Be sure to follow all of the aftercare requirements and book a follow up appointment as recommended.



Seeing as waxing entails ripping hair from your skin, the largest factor is planning enough time to heal. Generally you will want a minimum of 5 days to allow any redness or irritation to go down. This is especially important for any areas of your body that will be visible, such as your arms or legs.



A manicure and pedicure is a must, as a wedding photographer’s shot list often includes close ups that your hands and feet may be included in. A mani/pedi is also a great opportunity to sit back and relax while being pampered. Whether you need an entirely new set or polish, or just need a few cracks or chips fixed, you can book an appointment for as few as three days before your wedding.


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