8 Neutral Color Palettes for an Outdoor Wedding

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8 Neutral Color Palettes for an Outdoor Wedding

Neutral wedding schemes have been a hit in recent years. But in our humble opinion, they look especially beautiful for an outdoor celebration! A neutral palette will complement the colors found outdoors all year round. Plus, they lend a modern and timeless look to your day, regardless of your style or theme. To help inspire you, we’ve compiled eight neutral color palettes that are perfect for an outdoor wedding at Pine Lake Ranch.

  1. White, Green, & Dove Grey

This classic combo will lend an elegant look to your wedding day. This is a cool palette which makes it a more popular choice around winter or spring. To complement this, and similar, neutral color palettes, we recommend metallic silver accents.

  1. Blush, Beige, & Grey

For an airy and chic look, consider blush, beige, and grey. While blush and beige are warm, the cool contrast from grey will create a well-balanced palette. This scheme looks beautiful year-round, although it is most commonly used in spring. 

  1. Cream, Dusty Blue, & Steel Grey

If you prefer cool-toned colors, you’ll love this blue-hued palette. Cream, dusty blue, and steel grey come together to create a beautiful single-hue scale. However, because they are muted colors, you will enjoy a look that is soft yet modern. We recommend this palette for a late winter wedding!

  1. White, Peach, & Green

An ultra-feminine palette of white, peach, and green offers a fun and whimsical vibe. White and green are a classic and modern choice, whereas peach lends a fun punch of color. This color scheme is perfect for an outdoor spring or summer wedding.

  1. Ivory, Blush, & Rose Gold

With blush and rose gold, this palette is for the traditional and romantic bride. Ivory lends a soft and more vintage look versus a crisp, modern white. This is an especially versatile palette that looks stunning year-round and is gorgeous at golden hour during a late summer wedding.

  1. Tan, Camel, & Rust

The ultimate neutral wedding palette for fall is tan, camel, and rust. These warm-toned colors will lend a sense of coziness and luxury to your event. For a more striking look add a deep brown or true black, or to lighten it up add ivory or cream.

  1. Sage, Olive, & Brown

A dark yellow-green palette, this trio is unique but timeless. In fact, it’s perfect for a minimalist-themed event, from spring through summer. For a luxe look add in metallic gold. Or lend some contrast via a pink hue, like blush.

  1. Ivory, Yellow, & Gold

Ivory is a classic bridal color, ideal for a warm-weather wedding. But when paired with yellow and metallic gold, you have a fun and youthful neutral palette. For a little more color, you can also add a touch of light pink, which will make it more appropriate for spring.

Need a visual to help you imagine how one or several of these neutral palettes would look at Pine Lake Ranch? Book an in-person tour of our venue, or take advantage of our virtual tour. For more details on how we can make your wedding dreams a reality, take a look at our current wedding packages.