8 Wedding Dress Silhouettes Defined

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8 Wedding Dress Silhouettes Defined

Finding the wedding dress of your dreams is an exciting moment,  even if the process can be a bit overwhelming. With so many designs to look through and styles to choose from, it’s best if you go shopping with a preference in mind. To help you find the perfect wedding dress for your body type,  read more about the different dress silhouettes and the features that they complement.



A more traditional style, an a-line wedding gown is named after the shape of the dress’s skirt. It falls in the shape of an ‘A’ as it flares out from the waistline. Typically made with a little excessive fabric to allow for more movement, it has volume but not as much as a ballgown. It can be paired with an underskirt for additional volume or left without for a more natural flow. This style is very versatile, whether your event is more casual or glam. It is a very popular style mostly due to the fact that it compliments every body type.



Mermaid gowns are the most body hugging and flirtatious wedding dress silhouette. It is fitted and hugs each of your curves, from your bust to your waist and hips. That is until it reaches just below the knee, where it flares out suddenly for a big statement. This style usually features a lot of embellishments and appliques, making it a good choice for glam brides. As it hugs the body, it is perfect for curvier brides or those with an hourglass figure. If you are looking for something cozy and easy to move in, we don’t recommend this style!.



Similar but not to be confused with a mermaid gown, a trumpet shape dress cinches at the waist and hugs the hips before flaring out around the knee. While not as restrictive as the mermaid style it is still form fitting. This is a great choice for brides who are looking for something on the sexier side. It is more popular amongst curvier brides as it accentuates the hips and thighs. It can do the same to the midsection however, so just be mindful in what areas you want on display..



Often associated with fairytales weddings, ball gowns feature a wide and billowing skirt, a popular choice for a luxe or glam wedding. It is typically paired with a tight fitting bodice, which makes it the perfect choice for brides who want to accent or cinch in their waist. This means that it will lend a curvier look, whether you already have a curvy body shape or are looking to create one. It looks best on pear-shaped or busty brides, whereas it may be too large for someone who is petite in size.



Also known as a sheath silhouette, a column wedding dress falls straight from the hips to the floor. It has minimal flow to the skirt as it features less material, which makes it relatively easy to move around in. A simple design, this style can be made with a wide variety of materials. Column gowns are especially flattering on slim figured or petite brides, as well as tall brides who would like to accent their height. It is ideal for anyone who would prefer a more simple and sophisticated look.


Tea Length

Increasing in popularity, tea length dresses are those that hit below the knee but above the ankle. The bodice of this style of dress can vary, however the skirt is typically similar to a shortened a-line. It complements a wide range of body types, just like an a-line dress. This style is very versatile, although it tends to be more popular for casual or warm weather events. It is a fun option that lends a chic and flirty look.


At the end of the day, the right wedding dress for you is the one that you love. At Pine Lake Ranch we embrace each and every beautiful bride the same on her special day!