Best Wedding Gifts for Mom and Dad

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Best Wedding Gifts for Mom and Dad

Although your wedding day primarily revolves around you, there are a few people who deserve some appreciation. After all, your parents are the reason for your existence, and often play a significant role in bringing your wedding dreams to life. They bear all of the stress with you, and provide a shoulder for you to cry it out. To say thank you, give them a meaningful little something to acknowledge their time and energy. Keep reading for a number of ideas on what to gift your parents the day of the wedding.


Personalized Handkerchiefs

If you know you parents are easily brought to tears, a handkerchief is a sweet gift. To make it sentimental, add a personal touch in the form of an embroidered message. You can purchase handkerchiefs with pre-written, generic notes, but something from the heart will mean more. Let them use the handkerchiefs the day of the wedding, and frame them in a shadowbox afterwards.


A Family Photo

No matter how old you get, parents love receiving a quality picture and frame. Life flies by and sometimes you forget to update the pictures on the wall. Gift them the frame and a personal note the day of the wedding, with a promise to provide a picture shortly. Considering there are a number of frames available, you could opt for a collage frame, a triple frame, or another of your preference.


Day-of Attire

Give your parents a little extra something for their wedding day ensemble with a surprise accessory. For dad, there are ties or bowties, cufflinks, belts, shoes, watches. For mom, a pair of earrings, a necklace, bracelet, shoes, hairpin, and so on. If you prefer, a number of these items can also be embroidered or engraved.


A Home Illustration

There may be no place like home, but eventually we all grow up and get our own. A great gift for those moving out of their family home post-wedding, is a home illustration. There are a number of artists on Etsy who can draw a colored or black and white picture of your home, based off of a photograph. Add all of your immediate family members thumb prints, and you have a special reminder of where it all began.


Personalized Home Goods

Some parents are more practical than others, and prefer gifts they will put to use. Instead of one-use items, give your parents something they will be able to use much longer. For example, a comfy throw blanket with a personal note embroidered into one corner. If your parents love to cook, a personalized cutting board may also be appreciated. For those who like to entertain, engraved wine glasses or similar drinkware are perfect.


A Weekend Away

One of the best gifts a person can receive after such a stressful event, is some time to relax. For all of the time, money and energy that your parents put into making sure your day went off without a hitch, gift them a weekend away. The destination doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as they can get some uninterrupted Z’s.


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