Colored Wedding Dresses for the Vibrant Bride

Colored Wedding Dresses for the Vibrant Bride

Who said your wedding dress has to be white? Not us! Wedding fashion is constantly evolving and the wedding industry continues to shift further and further away from tradition. One fad we are loving are colored wedding dresses. While not everyone is interested in adding color to the mix, for those that are there are numerous options. Check out some of the most popular colored wedding dress options available.



Ombre wedding dresses started popping up a few years ago when a bride decided to DIY her wedding dress. Since then there have been more brides and artisans attempting this look. Ombre is unique because you can use it to color the entire dress, or smaller segments. For example, many brides opt to feature color only from the bottom to the midsection of the skirt. Another great option with ombre is that you can feature one or multiple colors. Perhaps you want a touch of blue or a whole range of blue shades.


Solid Colors

If you love color, why stop at your wedding gown. You can find a wedding dress in almost every color imaginable. Colored gowns look especially beautiful for nontraditional and destination weddings. If you do choose to wear a colored wedding dress, you might consider having your bridesmaids wear something more neutral. This way you will still stand out from the rest of the wedding party. 


Subtle Hues

Perhaps the idea of a solid color seems like a bit much. Instead you might opt for a wedding gown that features a subtle hue instead. Over the past few years we have seen an uptick in soft blue and pastel pink, and more recently green and purple. We expect that the option of shades available will only continue to increase.


Colored Embellishments

If you prefer a traditional white dress but want a sprinkling of color, look for a gown with colored embellishments. This can include sequins, embroidery, glitter, beading and ribbons. These materials can be used to create an array of patterns or be as simple as a single brightly colored sash. We can’t lie, we are particularly fond of the floral embroidery trend, which looks stunning during an outdoor ceremony.



Make a statement in a shimmering metallic like gold, silver and rose gold. Wedding dresses featuring metallic colors and shiny embellishments are becoming more and more popular. Not only do they look beautiful standalone, but they are surprisingly easy to pair with a grooms suit. Oftentimes metallics are used as an accent in a wedding color palette, therefore you won’t look completely out of place. If the idea of a metallic wedding dress seems overwhelming for your ceremony, consider opting for a metallic gown as a reception dress.


At Pine Lake Ranch we have no doubt that you will look beautiful no matter what you wear. We have seen our fair share of wedding gowns at our venue, both old and new, and white and brightly colored! We can’t wait to be a part of your special day. Contact us today with any questions or book a tour, where you can imagine exactly what your gown would look like as you head down the aisle.