Convertible Wedding Dress Accessories We’re Loving

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Convertible Wedding Dress Accessories We’re Loving

When it comes to your bridal look it’s all about your personal comfort and style. Thankfully, there are a number of wedding dress accessories to help you pull it off. This includes the most recent trend of convertible wedding dress accessories. Check out some of these accessories that will offer you a unique, two-in-one wedding day look. 



One of the most versatile wedding dress accessories, overskirts are a second skirt that attach to the dress over the top of the original skirt. They are available in two styles. The first covers the entirety of the original skirt. The second has an opening at the front, so that you get a peek at the front of the original skirt. They are meant to fit seamlessly into the dress, so that they do not appear to be detachable. An overskirt is usually removed or attached at the reception, to offer the bride a second look.



A bolero is a cover up, similar to a shawl, that is worn over the top of a wedding dress. It typically covers the bodice and can be made of a wide variety of materials. In the case of bridal looks it is usually sheer, with long or short sleeves. In this way it lends a second look to the dress, without completely covering the original bodice. Oftentimes it also has embellishments, from rhinestones to embroidery and more.


Capes & Capelets

Trending in recent years, capes and capelets are a fashion forward way to stay warm. They can be plain or decorative, featuring lace and rhinestones or minimal bling. They also come in various lengths, from elbow length to waist and floor length. Capes and capelets can clasp around the neck, directly to the dress or around the shoulders. They tend to lend a more romantic or ethereal look to a dress.


Removable Trains

Similar to an overskirt, a removable wedding train attaches just above the hips and showcases the front of the wedding dress. It is a stellar option for brides who may want a luxe and lengthy train for the ceremony, and something shorter and more comfortable for the reception. The fun part of a removable train is that you really can get a polar opposite look to that of your original dress. If your dress is simple and fitted, go with a voluminous, blinged out, cathedral length train.


Headbands & Sashes

While a comparatively small accessory, a headband or sash is a fun way to switch up your look. Whether the ribbon is plain silk or encrusted in rhinestones, it can make for both a beautiful headband as well as a sash. Tie it at the waist for an elegant ceremony look then place it in your hair for a casual reception up-do. 


Shoulder Chains

A less popular but beautiful accessory, shoulder chains lend a unique regal look. Featuring chains and all kinds of stones, from crystals to pearls, this accessory can sit on the shoulders or around the neck. It can be quite heavy and feature various lengths of chains for a less or more dramatic look. Shoulder chains pair beautifully with a plain gown, as well as a glamorous dress. 


Detachable Straps & Sleeves

Many women are torn when it comes to the type of sleeves on their wedding dress. Luckily detachable straps and sleeves mean that you can have both. Long sleeves lend a bridal style a more conservative and regal look, whereas a strapless dress is ideal for the reception. Detachable sleeves are an effortless way to quickly change your look on the go.


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