COVID Related Wedding Expenses to Budget For

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COVID Related Wedding Expenses to Budget For

When hosting a wedding during Covid-19, it’s important that you take extra steps to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable. By taking this issue into account, you will be less at risk for contracting or spreading the virus,a problem that wedding venues across the country are facing, and that we at Pine Lake Ranch are taking very seriously. To help you create a more realistic wedding budget, here are a few Covid related wedding expenses to budget for.


Masks & Hand Sanitizer Stations


Aside from requesting that guests who do not feel well remain home, the best way to combat the spread and transmission of Covid is masks and proper hygiene. Meaning that you should plan to invest in a solid stock of CDC approved masks. You will want to ensure that you have enough on hand in case they forget a mask of their own, or lose a mask. In addition, consider renting hand sanitizer stations. These can be placed at all high traffic areas, including entryways and exits, bathrooms, and food and drink stations.




Thermometers aren’t necessarily a must, but they can make your guests feel more comfortable. We understand that you want to trust your family and friends to make the right decision and to stay home should they feel unwell. But sometimes feeling poorly comes well after a high temperature is present. Meaning a thermometer may help you catch a few guests who have yet to be diagnosed. It’s a great option to consider should you have the budget for it.


Social Distancing Signage


Reminders that guests should practice social distancing is a must. Because it’s easy to forget when you’re having a good time! After all, weddings are social events where mingling is encouraged. But at present, mingling must be done at a safe distance of 6 feet. So when purchasing signage, be sure to grab a few for different areas of your event. Such as lounge areas, bathrooms, the bar and the dance floor.


Wedding Insurance


Although we want to be optimistic, your wedding funds aren’t something to gamble with. And right now more couples than ever are having to cancel or postpone and reschedule. At which point couples are losing a lot of money that they have no legal right or way to regain. It’s an unfortunate reality that we are currently facing and that you should be prepared for. So do your research and consider wedding insurance.


Outdoor Furniture


Depending on when you host your event, a great way to help your guests maintain social distancing is by hosting an outdoor event. For which reason, Pine Lake Ranch is a great venue option! With 25 sprawling acres, you’ll have no shortage of space to entertain guests while keeping safe. You can extend your party from our gorgeous reception barn out to the string lit coral and the surrounding areas. So invest in a little extra outdoor lounge furniture and plan for a night under the stars!


At Pine Lake Ranch we want to stress that we are taking Covid-19 seriously. By working alongside us to host safer events, you can help prevent the spread of the virus. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask them during a consultation or by contacting us directly. We look forward to helping you host a safe and memorable event!