Creating a Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Brides and Bridesmaids

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Creating a Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Brides and Bridesmaids

Accidents happen when you least expect them. The best way to remedy any problems without a meltdown? Be prepared! You have undoubtedly seen wedding day emergency kits for sale online, but rarely do they encompass the full spectrum of mishaps. That’s why we have compiled a list of the most important items every bride tribe needs on hand come the day of the wedding. For convenience sake, we have chosen items that are most likely available in your home, and simply have to be packed.


Snacks- Alongside nerves comes the side effect of a rolling tummy, which means you probably won’t feel like eating. Not from the delicious breakfast bar you had lined up or even those fresh berry mimosas. Keep a box of something carb packed on hand that will stick with you, like granola bars. Your girls will be able to whip them out whenever necessary, even on the go.


Dental Picks and Mouthwash- After your snack you may have some bits left behind. Have some dental picks, not floss, to make removing any food easy. This way your clumsy hands won’t ruin your makeup. Similarly, a quick swig of mouthwash will leave you feeling confident for the big kiss.


Straws- Picture this: your makeup is complete with setting spray and your lipstick is absolutely perfect. You take a drink of water from a bottle or a swig of coke from a can and, to your makeup artists horror, half of your lipstick is gone. Pack some metal straws for yourself and your girls’ sanity.


Ibuprofen- This ones a no brainer and you probably have a bottle in your purse anyways. Whether its for a dehydration induced headache or unexpected cramps, it can be a life saver. 


First aid kit- You will need a plethora of items from a first aid kit. Namely bandaids for raw ankles due to heels, antiseptic wipes for scrapes in case of a tumble, and scissors for loose threads. Hopefully you don’t have to mess with any of the other items it contains, but you can never be too safe!


Bobby pins and hair ties- Every girl has experienced the mystery that is bobby pins completely disappearing into the depths of your hair, never to return, and hair ties magically jumping from your wrist. Keep a small container of each on hand, safely hidden but out of sight. They will be useful in the middle of photographs and on the dance floor. 


Sewing kit- Fabric tape, needles, neutral colored thread, and safety pins. You may need one or multiple of these for a forgotten hemline, a snagged dress, or loose shoulder straps.


Tissues- Your parents will probably have plenty of tissues on hand but you and your girls will need them as well. Some people want to downplay their emotions, but in the midst of walking up the aisle or during the vows, you won’t be able to keep the water works in check. Just be careful not to forget: never wipe, only dab!


Deodorant, perfume and lotion- As your run here and there you will undoubtedly get a little sweaty. Make sure you have some reliable deodorant on hand for multiple applications, as well as unscented lotion to keep your skin glowing. We also recommend your signature perfume, which will be a comforting smell for your husband when you meet him at the altar.  


Nail clipper and tweezers- There is nothing more frustrating than a chipped or broken nail, as well as missed facial hair. Keep nail clippers and tweezers on hand so that you can quickly handle either scenario prior to walking down the aisle.


Tampons- As you pack your bags and debate on this one, trust us, throw a handful in just in case. 


Sunscreen and bug spray- Whether or not your ceremony or reception takes place outside, you may go out for pictures or just to take a break. Sunscreen and bug spray will keep you comfortable throughout both the day and night.


Water and caffeine- The most common mistake brides and bridesmaids alike will make is not keeping drinks on hand. Water in particular is a must as you run around all day, whether you are in the heat or not. Similarly, if you didn’t get as much sleep as you would have liked, a cold brew coffee or energy shot will do wonders. Just avoid sugary drinks, which can contribute to dehydration and cause you to crash.


At Pine Lake Ranch we have seen our fair number of setbacks arise. However, we are always glad to assist our brides and grooms whenever possible, for your health and sanity! Our team is dedicated to ensuring your wedding is everything you imagined, and that you have an exquisite and memorable evening. Contact us today to book a tour of our venue, or to inquire about availability.