Cute Ways to Propose to Your Flower Girls 

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Cute Ways to Propose to Your Flower Girls 

The smallest, and cutest, members of wedding parties are the flower girls. These darling gals are responsible for prefacing the bride’s grand entrance by lining the aisleway with flower petals. But before she can be a part of your wedding, you’ll have to pop the question! To help you, here are a handful of memorable ways to propose to your flower girls.

A Ring Pop

Sometimes simple is best with little ones! So what better way to ask someone to be your flower girl than with a cute and tasty ring pop. Young children love wearable sweets and will be excited to show them off. Plus, if you get down on one knee to pop the question, it will make for some cute pictures.

A Sweet Treat

For especially young girls, a sweet treat is the crème de la crème of gifts. From a cute cupcake to a personalized cake or even a bag of their favorite sweets, they will be as excited about their treat as they will to be a part of your wedding day. If you want to go all out, consider surprising her with a mini gift basket.

Matching Jewelry

It’s never too early to start a little girl’s jewelry collection! Elegant gold or silver jewelry is a staple in any girl’s jewelry wardrobe, regardless of her age. For a wedding proposal, simply opt for a timeless piece of monogrammed jewelry: perhaps a pendant necklace with her initials or a sleek charm bracelet.

A Mini Gift Box

If you’re gifting your bridesmaids a gift box as part of their proposals, consider doing the same for your flower girl. A mini gift box will be more appropriate for her size, but will still make her feel like one of the adults – especially if you have the opportunity to gift it to her at the same time that you gift the adults. You might include some jewelry for the big day, nail polish or lip balm, hair accessories, or even some treats.

Make Time to Bond

In addition to asking a young girl to be a part of your wedding, you’ll also want to set aside some time to bond. This is important so that you form a relationship, and she will feel much more comfortable on your big day. It will ensure fewer tantrums and no teary-eyed wedding entrance! It’s a win-win for everyone.

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