Do & Don’t: Wedding Day DIY

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Do & Don’t: Wedding Day DIY

Plenty of brides opt to take on DIY projects for their wedding. Whether it is because they have a specific vision in mind, or they are looking to save some money. However, DIYing your wedding can be a large undertaking – one that can save you from, or induce, more stress. Learn about the do’s & don’ts of wedding DIY, including what tasks you should and should not take on by yourself!


Don’t: Wait Too Close to the Big Day

The biggest mistake that brides make is waiting to tackle projects too close to their wedding day. You’ll have enough going on, so don’t make the mistake of piling more on your plate. The reality is that you’ll end up forgoing the project entirely, or pressed for time and with a less than favorable final product.


Do: Ask Family & Friends for Help!

If you can’t take on a project, enlist family and/or friends to help. Plenty of people will be willing to assist you, and more than you think actually want to. Allowing people to help you tells them that you want and appreciate their input. You will make people happy, and take some of the weight off your shoulders in one go!


Don’t: Bake the Cake

Seriously. No matter how talented you may be as a home cook, you should not bake your own wedding cake. In this scenario, you risk a night where the cake starts to droop and ends up on the floor. Or your icing can’t handle the heat and turns into a mess of sugary goo pooling on the table. Know what you and your husband are worth, and invest in a professional.


Do: Make Your Favorite Dessert

If you want to contribute to the options of desserts on hand at your wedding, go ahead and whip up your favorite desserts. Whether it be pies, cupcakes or another tasty pastry. A pro will bake the cake for cutting, and you’ll dish up delicious and personal treats. Just be sure that it is something that not only you, but your guests will also enjoy. And don’t overcomplicate it, sometimes simple is better!


Don’t: Attempt Catering

Just like baking, catering your own wedding can quickly become a doozy. However, catering often goes wrong due to a lack of time. Let’s be real. Unless your reception will consist of 15 or less guests, you probably aren’t capable of whipping up multiple dishes that are of decent quality. You run the risk of rushed sides that are lackluster, or even undercooked meat. 


Do: Personalize the Menu

If you want to be hands on with your wedding menu, be sure to choose a caterer that allows and encourages your input. That is, someone who will allow you to create a menu of your own choosing, or will let you add special touches. You can select each and every dish for a completely custom menu, or make special requests. 


Don’t: Try to Copy the Pros

The professionals are professionals due to their knowledge and experience. As talented as you may be, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you can pull off exactly what a pro can. You may end up with a final product that isn’t to your own satisfaction or expectations, leaving you feeling disappointed. 


Do: Get Creative!

Rather than attempting to copy professionals, use their work for inspiration and add your own creative spin. You’ll end up with a product that is completely unique and of your own creation. It will be much more meaningful, both to you and your guests, versus replicating someone else’s work.


At Pine Lake Ranch we love seeing how couples compliment our wedding venue with DIY projects. Whether it be fun signage, decorations, or parts of their wedding day ensemble. To see if our venue aligns with your wedding day vision, book an appointment or reach out with any questions. We look forward to working with you to make your dreams a reality!