Everything You Need to Bring for a Wedding Flat Lay

wedding flat lay

Everything You Need to Bring for a Wedding Flat Lay

A popular task on a photographer’s wedding checklist is flat lays. They are a beautiful way to showcase some of the details of your wedding such as your wedding accessories, your color palette, or flowers. To ensure you get stunning wedding flat-lay photos, be sure to buy and pack up all the following items!

Wedding Jewelry 

The first item you will want to collect is any and all your wedding jewelry, including, but not limited to, earrings, a necklace, bracelets, hairpieces, and combs. Metallic accents are a great way to spruce up the photos, but you’ll also want to be able to look back on these sentimental items.

Wedding Perfume

A more modern idea, wedding perfume is a way to help associate the day with a scent. It’s a way to bring up nostalgic memories at future special occasions, such as on dates or anniversaries. You can choose any perfume you like, although aim to pick a bottle that complements your color palette and can easily be laid flat for photographs.

The Rings 

No flat lay is complete without the wedding rings – and ring boxes if you have them! This is a great way to showcase your jewelry and the images might come in handy in the event of future loss or damage. Prior to the big day, make sure to have them professionally cleaned. You don’t want photos with dirty or grimy rings!

Wedding Stationery 

You can’t forget to include your wedding stationery in your flat lays. They tell the story of your engagement throughout the big day, via an engagement announcement and the official invitation. However, you can also include other paper stationery, such as a program or menus.

Wedding Shoes

Every bride has carefully selected her wedding shoes, so you should show them off. They are a unique addition to a wedding flat lay, especially if they feature a fun color, embellishments, or texture. Some people even write on the bottoms of their shoes for an extra romantic photo and keepsake.

Garter Set

It’s always fun to nod to wedding traditions, like the garter toss. Especially if your garters are sentimental – say they are made from your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress! They also lend to that classic romantic bridal look that you know and love. Although if you’re less traditional, you might leave this detail out altogether.

Vow Books

If you plan to do a vow exchange, whether it is before or during the ceremony, vow booklets make a gorgeous addition to a flat lay. Even if you’re simply showcasing the covers that say ‘his’ and ‘her,’ we recommend purchasing booklets in colors that complement your palette or that are timeless and neutral.

Bonus tip: Put all these items in one container the day before so you can easily hand it all over to your photographer the morning of the big day! Then you won’t have to worry about finding each and every item the day of. It will make for a smoother and much less stressful wedding day!

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