Fall Wedding Fashion

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Fall Wedding Fashion

Selecting your wedding day ensemble is no joke. In fact, it is one of the toughest decisions a bride and groom will have to make considering the endless choices. From shape to materials and so on, the options are seemingly endless. Luckily, we are here to give you the lowdown on the seasonal trends, and hopefully a little bit of inspiration. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular fall wedding fashion trends for 2019.


For the Bride:

Midriffs – Separates have been making waves for a few years now, and they remain a popular choice for brides this fall. The crop top style is perfect for moderate weather, as it lends a bit of sexiness without bearing all, nor will you freeze in the event of unpredictable wind or rain. For this style, the top is typically sleek, and may showcase the shoulders. The bottom can have a matching tight fit, be an A-line with some volume, or be light and free flowing.


Jewel-Tone Accents – Jewel tones make for a beautiful color palette for the fall, and may surprise brides with how stunning they look accenting an otherwise stark white dress. Vibrant emerald, ruby, turquoise, magenta, pink and sapphire, may be used to color an ombre dress, or appear via detailed embroidery. It can be used on any style with any shape, and can be paired with jewels or textured materials.


For the Bridesmaids:

Wrap Dresses – Wrap dresses are not new, but they are relatively new in the wedding industry. They are picking up traction when it comes to weddings that take place in the fall or winter, as they appear slightly casual and compliment every body type. They are also completely versatile, as they can be made from a number of materials. Frequently, they are purchased when a bride would prefer every bridesmaid to have a unique color, yet the same dress. 


Embroidery – It’s all in the details when it comes to bridesmaid dresses. Embroidery is completely up to preference, as some may hate it and others might love it. If one thing is true, it is that it can be beautiful and add a much needed texture or pattern to an otherwise plain dress. Dresses may have accents of embroidery, or may have an overlay completely covered. This style is especially popular amongst boho-inspired brides.


For the Groom:

Colored Suits – A colored suit may sound daunting, but they are just bold enough to make a statement, without going overboard. Vibrant colors like emerald green, red or burgundy, and bright or deep blue are striking. They bring as much deserved attention to the groom as a white dress does to the bride. Should the bride and groom like to match, the bride might opt for a dress with some color or matching embroidery.


Vests – If a groom tends to dress on the more casual side, then a vest may suit him perfectly. Still formal, vests tend to be more comfortable and lend a more laid back look. The groom will also enjoy not having to button or remove a jacket frequently. A vest can be paired with a tie or bowtie, and can be made of various materials. A knit or velvet style may be preferable for the season, and can also come in various colors.


For the Groomsmen:

Playful patterns – Patterns are typically shied away from in the wedding industry, but that shouldn’t be the case. For groomsmen in particular, a plain black or solid colored suit is expected. However, unique or fun patterns, like florals can lend some color if the bridesmaids have gone with a simpler look. They can be found on accessories or a suit jacket. Just be sure that it compliments rather than clashes with the bridesmaid dresses.


Texture – Similar to patterns, textures are often avoided but can really lend to a look. If a pattern is too much, a material that lends texture can bring depth to an outfit, while still being subtle. A texture like tweed, the ever popular knit, and more recently velvet, can provide a more inviting look and cozy feel, perfect for the cool fall season.


Do you have a favorite fall wedding fashion trend? If so, make sure you share it with us! At Pine Lake Ranch, we have seen our fair share of fads come and go. One thing is for certain, every couple brings their own unique style to our venue – and we love it! Learn about our event space, and more specifically our modern Bridal House and Groom’s Corral. It is the perfect place to relax and prepare for the long day ahead. Contact us today with any questions, or to book your event date.