Heels or Flats? Which Shoe Should You Wear on Your Wedding Day

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Heels or Flats? Which Shoe Should You Wear on Your Wedding Day

It is the ultimate question: heels or flats? Selecting your wedding day shoes is no easy feat. They are the perfect accessory, but more importantly, they are responsible for carrying you through the day. Take into consideration the following factors, to learn which style of shoe will best suit your individual needs and style.


Comfort Comes First

Before you even begin looking at wedding shoe styles, you should figure out what you want to get out of them. Above all else, we recommend that you prioritize comfort. A significant portion of the day will be spent on your feet, whether you are taking pictures, traveling between venue locations, or socializing. You will want a pair of shoes that support you all day, from walking down the aisle, to rocking on the dance floor.


Your Venue

Of course the ground will be what your shoes come into contact with the most. Prior to shopping, you should have a wedding venue booked and know what type of setting you will be in. Take note of whether you will be walking on grass, gravel, cobblestone, asphalt, or tiles. Depending on this, you may need a style of shoe that can grip the floor better, or will provide significant ankle stabilization.


Your Dress

It would be silly to say that you shouldn’t take your personal style into consideration. You want to keep your wedding day style consistent, and that includes a stunning pair of shoes. Think about the type of dress you are wearing, and the style that would best compliment it. Heels pair beautifully with a tea length dress, while flats are equally elegant and simple for a silk, slim fitting gown. For even more shoe inspiration, read our previous blog, on Which Style Bridal Shoe Should You Choose?


Your Height

For many women, height is a significant factor in the style of shoes that they choose. Some women prefer to showcase their natural height, while others enjoy an additional few inches. It is completely your preference, and whether you mind being tall. If you are tall you may opt for flats, especially if you are already a head above most of your wedding party.


The Atmosphere

Every wedding has its own atmosphere that is evident based on the setting, activities and attire. Depending on how formal or casual your wedding is, you will want a shoe to match. For example, if you wedding is just one long cocktail hour, heels may be preferable. On the other hand, if you have yard games and a busy dance floor, flats will help you stay on your feet longer.


Check the Weather

You may have been planning on heels for the entirety of your engagement, only to learn that the weather on the day of your wedding will be less than ideal. The week leading up to your wedding, be sure to consistently check the weather. You should have a backup pair of shoes on hand, to accommodate any unpredictable circumstances.


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