Host Your Live Music Event at Pine Lake Ranch


Host Your Live Music Event at Pine Lake Ranch

Did you know Pine Lake Ranch serves as more than a wedding venue? We play host to a variety of musicians, including both individuals and bands. Why do they choose us? Our dedicated team is committed to providing both performers and guests a unique experience. Keep reading to learn about our amenities and services that make us Houston’s preferred entertainment space.


Our Remote Location

The only thing that could make an artist better is enjoying their talent in a quiet and ambient setting. Pine Lake Ranch offers a space away from all the hustle and bustle of the city noise, where you can truly enjoy a live music event. Surrounded by 25-acres of open ground, our rustic venue is a memorable backdrop. You will be able to appreciate the best of mother nature, from fields to forests and a lake, while still having access to modern day luxuries.


Our Approved Vendors

Pine Lake Ranch strives to provide a no-hassle experience for our customers, which includes access to our approved vendor list. After hosting countless couples and numerous events, we have created a catalog of the most reliable DJs and musicians. All of our trusted vendors have demonstrated a dedication to providing excellent services, and a pleasant customer experience. So, whether you want to throw a dance party, or assemble a casual daddy-daughter dance, we have a vendor for you.


A Stage

Are you an up and coming musician wanting to break into the music industry? Pine Lake Ranch is the perfect venue for you to arrange a live event and show off your talents! Recognized as a premier event venue in Houston, we have the experience and amenities to make your show unforgettable. You will have the option to utilize our recently renovated reception barn stage, or an open-air string-lit coral – as well as the opportunity to rent tables and chairs.


Access to Up and Coming Talent

Pine Lake Ranch is proud to have recently partnered with Houston talent company, Grant Entertainment. We are eager to offer our customers the ability to book their artists for an event, at an affordable price. With their eye for up and coming talent, you can be sure that your guests will be impressed – and certainly entertained.


Whatever your event, Pine Lake Ranch will ensure that proceeds smoothly, without complications. Learn more about our event space, suitable for live entertainment and more. Contact us today with any questions, or for availability and pricing. Want to attend an event? Follow us on social media or announcements and ticket sales.