How to Choose All of Your Wedding Songs

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How to Choose All of Your Wedding Songs

Choosing your wedding songs would seem like a simple decision, but music has an important role in our lives. Particular songs evoke emotions, can create a tone, and will help set memories in stone. We understand the process of selecting wedding songs can be difficult and tedious. Think long and hard, consider songs old and new, and see what they mean to you. A small handful might just make the lineup, and become a memorable part of your wedding day.


Get the Day Started

How you start the day is incredibly important. Task one of your bridesmaids with creating a playlist for everyone to enjoy as they get dressed, and make sure she keeps the mood light. Girl power hits are always a good choice, or check out this “Getting Ready Playlist” compiled by WeddingWire. Sing, dance, and do what you can to keep your energy up – it’s going to be a long day!


Ceremony Intro and Outro

Selecting songs for the ceremony can be simple, depending on the ceremony itself. For couples who are having a religious ceremony, you are often required to choose from a provided song list. For everyone else, it’s a little trickier.

First, decide between a song or the wedding march for the intro. If you can’t decide, combine the two! Perhaps Ed Sheeran’s Perfect, and the classic Canon in D. Trust us, there are numerous wedding mashups available. Then, move on to the outro. Most people opt for something a little more cheerful, to excite everyone for the reception. Think along the line of This Will Be (An Everlasting Love), by Natalie Cole.


Cocktail Hour

As tempting as it is to get the party started, no one can enjoy dinner with loud, thumping music. Instead, you will want to create a relaxing setting where people can socialize. To start, acknowledge the type of dinner you are aiming for. If it is casual, don’t be afraid to put on something more modern. If it is semi formal to formal, you can’t go wrong with the likes of Frank Sinatra. In either scenario, explain what mood you are going for to your DJ. They should be able to confirm a small group of artists, and from there form a playlist to fill the dinner slot. Get inspired by this cocktail playlist from Brides.


First Dances

By far the most difficult to select songs for, there is the ‘first dance’. This will include the bride and her father, the groom and his mother, and finally the newlywed couple. These dances carry a lot of emotional weight, and everyone wants to have a unique song that truly speaks to their relationship. If you are having a difficult time, seek your parents input. They may already have a song in mind, or could help you brainstorm. While most people choose a slow song, don’t be afraid to go for something with a little more spirit. This is especially helpful for dads who are not forthcoming when it comes to dancing. Try You’ve Got a Friend in Me, by Michael Buble.



By the time you make it to the reception, you will feel a lot more relaxed about your music selection. At this point your DJ will ask for your input, but they should have a solid idea of what you are looking for. If you don’t like a song, ask your DJ to change it up. If people are requested inappropriate music while grandma is still at the party, ask if they can hold off on requests for an hour. Most people really won’t mind the song selection, as long as they have a beat to move to. As the night gets later, we recommend throwing on some oldies. You will get the entire crowd, young and old, out on the dance floor.

With the right DJ by your side, you can trust that your music reputation is in good hands. When you book with Pine Lake Ranch, you have access to a handful of preferred vendors, who have proven their reliability time and time again. Contact us today to book a tour, or follow us on Facebook and be the first to know when our next open house is scheduled.