How to Design a Wedding Tablescape


How to Design a Wedding Tablescape

Tablescapes are the aesthetic bread and butter of Pinterest. They are clean and gorgeous, and every single one is unique. We could look at them for hours on end! For many brides, creating a one-of-a-king tablescape is more than just a chore on the wedding to-do list. It is an opportunity to impress your guests, as well as a creative outlet during an otherwise stressful time. Keep reading for tips & inspo on how to design a wedding tablescape.


Selecting Linens

Starting with the base, a table, you will want to choose linens or tablecloths. A crisp white tablecloth is always a classic choice, as is black, or any neutral color. Or go with a color that matches your palette. In general, stick with solid colors for a more elegant look. You should also be conscious of the length of the tablecloth, if you want to hide the table legs. Alternatively, you may choose not to have tablecloths. If you have rented antique furniture or a wood farm table, why not showcase the piece. If anything, consider using a sheer lace table runner.


Choose Your Chairs

An important visual element, the chairs you feature are critical to the overall design. There are so many to choose from, all of which lend something different. A cross-back chair is simple and rustic, perfect for a toned down yet elegant event. For a more modern event, consider an acrylic chair, although note that it won’t lend any color. If you are hosting a luxe wedding, there is the popular chiavari?  chair, available in gold and black. Of course you can’t forget that a chair should be functional and comfortable. If a chair does not already come with a cushion consider adding it onto the rental.



The options you have in terms of serving ware are endless! This is an area where you can really get creative. Let’s start with the centerpiece, plates. There is white china, perfect for a simple and elegant event. Plates also come in both round and square shapes, which will impact the overall look. Round plates are ideal for a more soft style, whereas square is more modern and edgy. For a more rustic design, look for off white china or earthenware. If your wedding palette is more moody and bold, don’t be afraid of dark plates, even black. Going for modern and elegant? Opt for clear glass, perhaps with a mosaic edge. You can also feature a mix of plates, like different geometric patterns or a variety of old antique plates. If you are featuring a solid color plate, be sure to have a charger. It will add dimension and more color. Consider a glass charger with a silver rim or a charger in a solid metallic color that matches your accents.


Next up is flatware! An easier option, you will primarily be selecting color and style. In terms of color, most people go with silver or gold. However, you can also get styles that are shiny, matte, or brushed. You might also find styles that are black. When it comes to shape, you will want to choose according to your theme. If your event is more simple, go with flatware that has softer edges. If your wedding is more modern or edgy, look at those with sharp edges or that have a more sleek design.



When it comes to glassware you should start by determining how many glasses each place setting with need. Consider whether you will have a table wine service or a champagne toast? How about coffee? At the very least you will need a water goblet. In any case, the rental company you work with will be able to advise you as to which glass is suitable for the type of drink you are serving. In terms of color and style, it’s pretty simple. For a more traditional or elegant wedding, stick with clear glassware. For a more whimsical or relaxed event, consider colored glassware.



There are so many choices when it comes to creating a centerpiece. To start, identify the style you are going for and let’s work from the base up. You have a tablecloth but consider a table runner. Even with a tablecloth you might run drapery down the center of the table, to add some contrasting color. It can be a simple piece of cloth that lays flat, or something thicker that bunches up. On top of the tablecloth and/or runner, you will want decor. Typically you will start with florals, whether it be garland that runs the length of the table or arrangements. You can keep these simple and short or lush and tall. Just be sure your guests can see one another. Next, add some candles, both pillars and votives. By using decor of varying heights you will lend some dimension to the table. From here you can add any other bits and baubles you like, such as small geometric terrariums or lanterns.


Paper Goods

An optional element, paper goods consist of place cards and menus. If you have arranged seating you will want to have a place card at each table setting. You can go the traditional route, paper, or get creative. People have used leaves, tiles, shells, and more. You can write the names of your guests yourself or hire a professional calligrapher. When it comes to menus we recommend sticking to traditional, high quality paper. You will want guests to easily be able to read it, even if it gets dirty or wet from spills. 


That’s it! At Pine Lake Ranch we love seeing the breathtaking tablescapes that our couples create for their big day. They are always infused with so much of their personalities! As you search for the perfect wedding venue, be sure to give us a visit! You will want to see our versatile space, perfect for hosting both your ceremony and reception. Visit our website today, to book a tour or to contact us with a question!