How to Fix a Bad Sunburn or Spray Tan Before Your Wedding

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How to Fix a Bad Sunburn or Spray Tan Before Your Wedding

It seems inevitable that the week before your wedding you get the worst sunburn of your life – itching, peeling and all. Or perhaps you finally found the courage to get a spray tan, only for your skin to resemble a luminescent orange. Before you attempt to overexfoliate, try some of the following remedies. One of these methods might save the day, and spare you a few tears.


To Eliminate Redness

The first undeniable sign of a horrible sunburn, is the red lobster-esque sheen that appears. As soon as you see, or feel, the burn, you should take action. First, you will want to remove all heat and prevent any further damage. Take a cold shower, apply a cooling cream such as aloe vera, and start moisturizing immediately. Also consider taking an ibuprofen, to reduce the internal inflammation. If you’re desperate, there are numerous ‘home remedies’ that claim to reduce redness almost instantly. One such is an application of white vinegar via paper towels. It is cold, and you will smell like fish and chips, but if it works then we say it’s worth it.


To Even Out Tan Lines

Once you have dealt with the painful red sheen, you may be left with obnoxious tan lines. This can be a serious problem if you have a strapless, or similar style, wedding dress. To blend in the pale areas of skin almost instantly, use a self-tanner. If you have too many areas to take on alone, consider getting a full-body spray tan. We recommend holding off on any tanning products until your skin tone has evened out as much as possible, and you are sure that you will not peel.


To Reduce Dark Spots

Far from the worst case scenario, spray tanning solutions that are improperly blended have a habit of pooling in strange areas. If this happens and you are in a time crunch, lemon may do the trick. Simply take a fresh lemon and apply the juice, via cotton ball, to darker areas of skin. Be careful not to scrub harshly, but rub the cotton in gentle circular motions, until you feel your skin has blended into an even color.


To Remove a Spray Tan

Sometimes there is no hope of reconciling a tan, and you simply have to start all over. To do so, professionals recommend that you apply a layer of baby or coconut oil. After it has set, soak in a hot bath. This combination will lift and break down the tan. If you do opt to exfoliate, use a combination of lemon juice and sugar for an effective but gentle scrub. Just avoid being too rough, or you will end up with a streaky tan instead.


A horrible sunburn or spray tan may feel like the end of the world, but in the grand scheme of things it won’t matter. Your fiance will still be waiting for you at the end of the aisle, and you will still say “I Do”. Years later, you will even laugh about it! When you book with Pine Lake Ranch, our team is on hand to help you handle the unexpected. We aim to reduce the stress and the hassle so that you can simply enjoy the best day of your life. Contact us today to learn about our wedding packages, or to book your wedding date.