How to Get the Best Deals When Planning Your Wedding

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How to Get the Best Deals When Planning Your Wedding

Savings? Count us in! There are few things better than spending less money on your wedding than initially anticipated. And as a bonus, you will have more dough to allocate elsewhere ‒ like that long awaited honeymoon. Although savings are slim in the wedding department, they aren’t nonexistent. Obtaining them simply requires that you understand how businesses in the industry operate. Keep reading to learn how you can get the best deals when it comes to booking your wedding venue and vendors.


Book at The Right Time

One of the easiest ways to score a good deal, is to book at the right time. When is the ‘right time’? Many businesses offer specials based around holidays and seasons. Holidays are prominent, as people often base engagements around happy occasions. This can include, the New Year, Christmas, Fourth of July, and you guessed it – Valentine’s Day. As for seasons, Winter and Summer is the time to hunt. Summer and Winter season discounts are typically offered, as they are off-seasons for weddings, often due to weather. This does however, vary by location. To take advantage of one of these deals, you might have to be flexible with your wedding date.


Play the Waiting Game

Waiting games are risky, but if your priority is money rather than a specific venue or vendor, it can be a solid tactic. Every business wants to book as many dates as possible, but some struggle more than others. The closer a business gets to a date, the less likely they are to book, and the more lenient they may be on pricing. To the point that they might be willing to reduce the price of their services, or include additional services for a reduced price. Note that in asking for a discount, you should always remain respectful and never take the route of diminishing a business. You should be prepared for them to say no, and have a back-up plan or second choice.


Look for Vendors Who Bundle Their Services

Increasingly, vendors are offering to bundle their services. This is a great sales method, as they can easily promote more services, for a lower price. Meanwhile you get a better deal than if you were to purchase their services separately. One common bundle is a combined engagement and wedding photography package.


One requirement in obtaining any of these deals, is that you have to be willing to ask. Some businesses willingly push their promotions, while others opt not to. Meaning the only way to find out about them is to ask. The worst that can happen is that the venue or vendor says “no”, in which case you either book or move on to another business. 


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