How to Handle Rain on Your Wedding Day

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How to Handle Rain on Your Wedding Day

No doubt you have heard the phrase time and time again ‒ “rain on your wedding day is lucky!”. Whether this is necessarily true or not is still up for debate, but unexpected rain can have a dampening effect on your wedding set up and plans. Although we can’t control the weather, we can control our emotions and how we handle a situation. As the big day approaches, consider these tactics, to help stave off the stress of untimely weather.


Expect the Unexpected

It can be difficult to not get your hopes up, but keeping a level head will mean less disappointment ‒ and decrease the potential for an onslaught of tears. You will no doubt check the forecast the day of your wedding, and not just once. As you look, keep the percentage of rain in mind, to better prepare yourself emotionally. Keeping your emotions in check during the wedding will be especially important, as your guests feed off of it. An upset bride or groom can really kill the jubilations, and should be avoided at all costs. Have someone there to keep an eye on the weather for you, and who can deliver you unfortunate weather updates with grace. Having someone special nearby for a quick cuddle, and reassurance, always helps as well.


Speak to Your Venue

Undoubtedly, the most important step in dealing with bad weather, is communicating with your venue. An organized and professional venue should have alternative options for such circumstances. However, it is your job to be sure that an alternative plan is laid out. Be vocal with the venue about forecast predictions, and that you wish to understand your options. From there, a plan can be laid out and confirmed for the day of. If a venue does not offer any alternative options, it is completely up to you to decide if you want to make one available. This may consist of renting a tent with siding, space heaters and more, and should be factored into your budget.


Roll With It!

Unless you specifically wanted rain, then you will likely spend most of the day praying those looming clouds away. If it does occur, then it is undeniably frustrating, but not worth lingering on. Allow yourself a moment to feel upset, but do not let it ruin your day. Remember that it is far from the worst thing that could happen. Instead, utilize the rain to create some of the most intimate and breathtaking photos imaginable. If the forecast is up in the air, pack umbrellas and rain boots, and recommend your wedding party do the same. You will end up with adorable, yet gorgeous photographs, and enough rain-filled memories to last a lifetime.

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