How to Help Your Groom Look His Best Come Wedding Day

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How to Help Your Groom Look His Best Come Wedding Day

Men are not any less susceptible than women, to a bad hair day or breakout. So when it comes time to start preparing for the wedding, your husband to-be has just as much work to do as you. Rather than leave it to him and hope for the best, take initiative and help him get excited about the opportunity for some pampering. Deep down, he wants to be as confident about his look as you do. Learn how to help your fiance lock down a routine to look and feel on his A-game come wedding day.


Skin Care

Acne seems to flare up at the most inconvenient times, wedding day included. While some men have a skin care routine, others use a bar of soap. If your man is the latter, then it’s up to you to convince him that there are better products on the market. Teach him a basic routine, that includes a cleanser, moisturizer and face-safe SPF. If necessary, see a dermatologist for a prescription. To take it up a notch, consider seeing an aesthetician. They will be able to recommend services based on his unique skin type and concerns – and may throw in a face mask for you!


Hair Care

Men usually have a go-to hairstyle, but when it comes to their wedding, they might want to switch things up. As soon as you get engaged is the perfect time to start encouraging him to try new cuts and styles. The sooner the better, as he may need time to let his hair grow out again. An earlier start will also allow more time for him to find a barber he enjoys, who can deliver exactly what he wants the day of the wedding. Basically, less stress all around.


Facial Hair

Not all men can grow facial hair, or necessarily enjoy having it. For men who do, they can attest that facial hair can be as unruly and frustrating as the hair on their head. Similarly, their beard needs equal TLC. Help your man find a moisturizer his beard enjoys, that won’t encourage excessive oil or give him a fragrance induced headache. Finally, he will want to test out various shaves and trims until he finds a style he likes.



Exercise is a good idea for your health, both physically and mentally. Inspire your groom to hit the gym with you regularly, for a solid dose of happy chemicals, like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. It will help both of you manage the wedding stress, and keep your spirits high in the face of large obstacles ‒ and you will face several. If treadmills and weights aren’t your style, consider kickboxing, pilates, or your favorite sport.


Are you in dire need of motivation to start the pre-wedding preparations? There is nothing better than touring wedding venues to inspire some self improvement! On your tour of Pine Lake Ranch you will view our live ancient oak used for ceremonies, and be able to visualize how you want to look come the day of your event. It’s enough to get men and women alike excited for the impending nuptials. Contact us today to learn more about our wedding packages, or to book your wedding date.