How to Make Your Makeup Last Throughout Your Summer Wedding

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How to Make Your Makeup Last Throughout Your Summer Wedding

As your face is front and center for the entirety of your wedding day, we understand the pressure to make sure it looks flawless. No one can deny that your confidence increases tenfold when you look and feel your best. Unfortunately, the summer weather seems dead set on the exact opposite. Keep reading to learn several tips and tricks to ensure your makeup lasts throughout the big day.


Prime Instead of Moisturize

Moisturizing is an important step in any skincare routine, but it is a step best left out on the day of your wedding. Moisturizers actually break makeup down, and can contribute to an oily appearance. Instead, use a moisturizing mask the night before. On the day of your wedding, focus on properly priming both your face and eyes. Make sure you are using separate products that are tailored for each area of your face.


Airbrush Foundation

We have mentioned it previously, but airbrush makeup is an absolute godsend. It is light, long lasting and won’t lead to the cakey look and feel that powder products can. Whether or not you use other products, we highly recommend an airbrush foundation. You can use cream products initially, and then apply the foundation over top. This will help lock everything in place, and give you a no-makeup makeup look.


Hydrate and Blot

When it comes to any skincare or makeup products, you have likely noticed that they cater to different skin types. That is oily, dry or combination. On your wedding day, the goal is to stay somewhere in the middle, so that your face remains fresh and glowing. Keep a hydrating mist on hand to combat dryness, and blotting sheets to tackle any oil buildup. Delegate one of your bridesmaids to this task, so you don’t have to hunt for a mirror every 10 to 15 minutes.


Semi-Permanent Makeup

If you have ever wanted to try semi-permanent makeup, now is the time. Semi-permanent makeup is relatively expensive, but you won’t have to use as many products. There are eyelash extensions, which mean less stress about clumpy or runny mascara. And if you frequently touch up your eyebrows, consider microblading. Just be careful to have these procedures completed well in advance, as your skin will need time to heal.


Less is More

The best route for avoiding makeup mishaps, is to use as little as possible. The road to obtaining clear skin can be tedious, but if you start the process as soon as you get engaged, there is plenty of time to fix any problem areas. Seek the advice of a dermatologist, and get a solid skin care routine down. When your wedding date comes around you will feel confident showcasing some bare skin, rather than covering every inch.


Dab, Don’t Wipe!

Listen ladies, we know it can be difficult in the heat of the moment to stop and think about how you are wiping your tears away. But how you do this can make or break your makeup. When you wipe underneath of your eyes with a tissue, you can take a significant layer of makeup off. Instead, get into the habit of dabbing, just like you would with a blotting sheet. The same applies to dealing with droplets of rain.

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