How to Pick the Perfect Season for your Wedding

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How to Pick the Perfect Season for your Wedding

Summer weddings used to be all the rage, then spring, and now winter. In all reality, you can get married during any season of the year, that best suits you. So, how do you choose? Consider all of the following details, to narrow down which season would be the best time of year to select a wedding date. Some elements may have a larger impact on your decision, while others are rather minute. No matter, it is best to acknowledge each one before putting pen to paper.

The Weather

Taking the weather into consideration seems obvious, but hey, winter weddings are so magical you may be willing to overlook the freezing temperatures. While this is the case for some, many people can not stand the cold. If so, then we would never suggest you pick a wedding anywhere between December and February. If you find any bit of heat sweltering, then we suggest you skip over June through August. However, keep in mind that weather varies based on location. Southern states tend to offer a very comfortable winter season, while those in the Central U.S., are splendid during the fall. 

Your Mood

Have you ever experienced the winter blues? If so, you know how groggy and unmotivated those long, cold months can make you feel. For those who endure this regularly, it’s safe to assume that a winter wedding may not be the best decision. You should be able to enjoy your wedding day, not shuffle through the motions. Not to mention, there is a fantastic party to follow, focused around you and your spouse. Be conscious and critical about your mood during each season, and take it into account during your decision making. Trust us, you do not want to force a smile for these photographs!

The Venue

A venue, is one of the first big purchases couples make during the wedding planning process. While some venues are only open seasonally, others are open year-round. Do not make the mistake, of assuming that year-round means weather acclimated! Even venues that offer closed quarters, may not provide heating or A/C. This can leave you and your guests suffering in sweltering heat, or huddling around space heaters. Similarly, if your venue is outdoors, you need a backup plan for sudden spring showers. It is easy to get excited about a charming venue, but thoroughly inquire about extreme or untimely weather.

The Dress Code

Everyone has a vision for their wedding, including the wedding party and guests. After all, we go as far as specifying a dress code on the wedding invitations. While this detail has some leniency, there are some general rules to follow, surrounding clothing and weather. That is, if you want everyone to be comfortable. For example, if you envision a black tie event, then winter is the most appropriate season. If you want your bridesmaids in short dresses, the spring or summer are better for casual dress attire.

Your Color Palette

Establishing a color palette is an important, and often difficult decision. It can take weeks of refining, and make you feel absolutely crazy ‒ because carmine and burgundy are identical, but not the same. There are a number of factors to consider, such as your skin tone, color preference, and theme. If you are fair skinned, stay away from the pastels! In terms of seasons, Pinterest is gold for wedding color palette inspiration. Find a few that suit your taste, then mix and match away! Rule of thumb: try to avoid colors associated with holidays during warmer seasons, and vice versa.

At Pine Lake Ranch, our venue looks breathtaking year round. In the winter, our ancient oak looks beautiful draped in string lights, and ethereal surrounded by spring flowers. View our wedding gallery, to get inspired, or contact us to book a tour. Our coordinator and staff are here to make sure, that no matter the season, we achieve your wedding dreams.