How to Plan A Winter Wedding

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How to Plan A Winter Wedding

Winter weddings have increased in popularity over the last few years, as summers have become blisteringly hot and uncomfortable for couples and guests to endure. However, winter and summer weddings are essentially black and white in terms of similarity. Consider these often overlooked planning decisions, to ensure your winter wedding day proceeds smoothly.

Choose a Date Wisely

Always dreamed of a Christmas or New Years wedding? While this may sound like a festive occasion, guests who regularly make plans for the holidays may have a hard time attending. They are likely to be out of town, or already have prior commitments, during this busy time of year. Make sure to give guests ample time to plan their holidays around the wedding, or commit to a holiday knowing that guests have a tough choice to make. If you want to avoid the holiday hassle, late November and mid-January weddings are a lot less hectic!

Don’t Bet on the Weather

Unpredictable weather is a toss up year round, but winter in particular can cause huge problems. Snow can affect the ability of out of town guests to be on time, or even attend. Icy venues can also deter elderly guests, or families with small children. Make sure you consider this fact when planning your wedding, to avoid any hard feelings when receiving apologetic RSVPs.

Consider Daylight Hours

If you haven’t already noticed, our planet experiences longer daylight hours in the summer, and shorter hours in the winter. This is an important factor, commonly overlooked by brides and grooms alike. When hosting a winter wonderland wedding, you have to plan the day knowing there are less hours of daylight. This usually means an earlier wedding start time, to make sure you have enough light to achieve all of the important photographs ‒ just in time for sunset.

Dress for the Weather

Shhh! This one is a bridal party secret! A pair of thick tights, or leggings, are virtually inconspicuous under a wedding or bridesmaid dress. We all have to do what we can to stay warm after all. For outerwear, utilize contrasting colored shawls, or faux fur wraps, for the ladies. For groomsmen, velvet tux coats. Both of these looks are on-trend, and your wedding party will thank you for taking their comfort into consideration.

Keep your Guests Warm

Winter weddings may be beautiful, but glistening snow comes at a frosty cost. Make sure to plan a few options for guests who are enduring the weather, to stay warm. Although potentially pricey, space heaters are perfect for huddling around for social hour. If you can’t splurge on heaters, provide cozy fleece blankets, or give out hand warmers as a favor. Either way, guests will appreciate your concern.

Provide Hot, Delicious Drinks

Most guests love an alcoholic bar, but you will be surprised by the crowd impressed with a hot chocolate bar. This is an easy and fun way to enhance the winter vibes ‒ plus who doesn’t enjoy hot cocoa? If this is a bit of a splurge, consider providing regular and decaf coffee instead. You can even find winter wedding cocktails, such as a Classic Hot Toddy or Eggnog Martini. Just  make sure the bar staff is on board.

Utilize Seasonal Decor

A winter wedding has the benefit of being both romantic and festive. The best part? Winter decorations tend to be affordable! Make the most out of white twinkling string lights, and revive your old tinsel and bows. You can use candles to create a warm ambience, and provide a surprising amount of heat. Just be cautious, and plan to have a few members of the staff on guard – to keep candles lit and in control. If you haven’t already, we suggest you take a look at winter weddings on Pinterest.

At Pine Lake Ranch, we work with every season! Our recently renovated venue is the perfect culmination of rustic, yet chic and cozy ‒ perfect for a wintery wedding. Contact us today, to set up a visit or to speak with one of our coordinators. We look forward to bringing all of your unique dreams to fruition.