How to Save for Your Wedding HoneyMoon

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How to Save for Your Wedding HoneyMoon

After the joyous, but exhausting wedding jubilations, couples are eager to escape on their honeymoon. However, with wedding costs on the rise, the honeymoon budget can take a hit, leaving couples scrambling to save some extra moolah. Keep reading to learn how you can save for your wedding honeymoon, as well as ways to make your money go further.


Be Frugal

Limit how often you eat out, or order coffee. Consider, if you buy coffee just 3 times a week at $5 a cup, you have spent $780 in a year. The average person spends more, around $20 a week on coffee, meaning well over $1000 a year. Imagine applying this to other areas of your life and think of how much you could save.


Factor it Into Your Budget

If a honeymoon is one of your priorities, consider spending less on other areas of your wedding. One easy area to spend less would be a venue. Reduce your guest count, if you haven’t already, and opt for a smaller or less extravagant space.  You might also DIY in any areas possible, including flowers and decor. 


Add a Fund to Your Registry

With the excessive and increasing cost of modern day weddings in mind, many wedding registries now offer couples the option to create a Honeymoon Fund. This is a fantastic option for couples to choose, who would rather have an experience than physical gifts. If there is not a single item you need, a honeymoon fund could be your guests only option. If this is the case, be sure that you allow them to input the amount of their choice.


Host a ‘Dollar Dance

Some people find the wedding ‘dollar dance’ tacky, but everyone who chooses to include it can vouch for the outcome. It is a simple and fun way for couples to easily collect some extra cash; plus people tend to be a little more giving if you wait until after cocktail hour. You will be surprised by people’s willingness to donate, whether or not they already brought a gift.


Work With a Travel Agent

Not only will a travel agent save you time and energy, but money. They know the ins and outs of travel, including where and what are within your budget. And trust us, they will stretch your money as far as they can. They can save on everything, from transportation to flights, hotels and excursions. In some cases, travel agents also receive insider discounts that they can pass on to you.


Choose a Destination Wisely

Before getting your heart set on a destination, realize that the less expensive the location, the more you can do there. You could also save by planning your trip during an off-season. During low traffic seasons, many places offer discounts to entice more tourists. These discounts can apply to excursions, lodging and transportation.


At Pine Lake Ranch, we do more than provide a gorgeous space and amenities. We are proud to assist couples with honeymoon travel planning, on top of our stellar wedding services! It’s just one more way for us to assist you in making your dreams come true. Bring your ideas for your ideal destination and we will build a package especially for you. To get inspired, read our previous blog on the top honeymoon destinations for 2019. Contact us us to get started!