How to Save Money for Your Wedding

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How to Save Money for Your Wedding

Your wedding may be a one time affair, but that fact won’t cushion the harsh blow to your wallet. According to WeddingWire’s 2019 Newlywed report, a wedding in the US cost couples an average of $38,700. Unfortunately, this hefty price tag can seriously hinder your ability to bring your entire wedding day vision to fruition. For some helpful ideas on how to increase your wedding funds, try implementing the following tips on spending and saving.


Start Early

The key to saving money is starting as early as possible. Many people rely on receiving a sizeable amount of money from family, however; not everyone can rely on it alone or at all. Therefore, most couples have to factor in the time it will take them to afford the wedding they want prior to setting a date. This can be months for some, and years for others. Everyone is different, however; determining the amount of time necessary is crucial, otherwise you may end up having to compromise on certain elements of your day.


Address Your Bad Habits

Like most people, you probably give in to an urge to spend money in small increments on a near daily basis, purely out of convenience. Whether it is a coffee at the drive through, eating out on the regular, or a gas station soda. However, these small charges add up quickly and over the course of a month can add up to a total well into the hundreds. Halt these habits for the duration of time leading up to your wedding, and you are sure to add a solid chunk of spending money back into your budget.


Cut Back on Spending

One of the easiest ways to put some moolah back in your account is to review payments that are automatically withdrawn. Chances are you no longer use and have forgotten about a few services you signed up for. For example, if you are paying for a music streaming service that you no longer use. Similarly, some services you may be willing to do without. Say you have multiple TV or movie streaming services but primarily use one over the other.


Make Some Sacrifices

Should you need a bigger chunk of cash to help out, you might consider temporarily lowering your standard of living. This could include selling a second or third vehicle, forgoing an annual vacation, or opting to lease smaller housing for the year leading up to your wedding. There are a number of ways you can compromise in order to save that will be a minor inconvenience at most.


Up Your Cash Intake

Pick up some gigs where you can in areas that you have previous skills in, or by learning more. Maybe you have always been great at cleaning and organizing, and you have some friends who have been looking for help but aren’t keen on letting strangers in their home, or you used to babysit and know of someone who has been searching for recommendations. There are numerous other avenues that will also source clients for you, such as food delivery or rideshare services.


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