How to Stay Cozy on a Rainy Wedding Day

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How to Stay Cozy on a Rainy Wedding Day

How to Stay Cozy on a Rainy Wedding Day

Lucky as it may be, rain isn’t necessarily favorable on your wedding day! It can cause some serious delays, and stress – plus leave you and your guests a little wet and chilled. Here are some tips on how to prep for potential rain, plus thoughtful supplies that will help everyone in attendance stay warm and cozy.

Clear Umbrellas

Rather than risk boring indoor wedding photos, work with the rain! Clear wedding umbrellas will help keep your wedding party dry and make for fun photographs. They are available in a variety of shapes, from classic to cutesy bubbles. If you like, you can even special order them with monograms. We do also recommend keeping a few extras on hand for guests to grab, orr giving a few to your ushers to help transport guests to and from the ceremony.


A good item to keep on hand come the day of your wedding is blankets. Nothing too big or heavy, but sizeable enough to keep someone warm and covered during a ceremony. If this is an item that you would like to gift guests as a favor, consider adding a tiny monogram at one of the corners.

Pashmina Wraps

A fine spun cashmere, pashminas are incredibly soft and warm! Depending on the season, faux fur wraps may not work. Instead, gift your bridesmaids a beautiful pashmina wrap. Lightweight and comfortable, they will be easy to carry around and look gorgeous for photographs – without adding bulk or covering too much of their gowns.

Cotton Towels

Unfortunately getting a tiny bit rained on is unavoidable. For which reason you should plan to have a handful of soft cotton towels on hand. Place them at a table, alongside a small hamper, to encourage guests to towel off. This will help them feel more comfortable, and prevent them from getting cold. You may also want to keep some separate for use on wet chairs or furniture.

Rain Boots

Another idea for you and your ‘maids! If you know rain is in the forecast, ask your girls to pack a pair of duck or ankle rain boots. They help keep them cozy leading up to and after the wedding – especially when taking photographs. Plus we think they look extra cute! It’s a detail that your girls will definitely remember. For guests, consider offering up disposable shoe covers, to help keep their nice shoes clean and feet dry.

A Coffee Stations

There is nothing like a hot cup of joe at a rainy wedding reception. Served up after dinner, it will keep everyone feeling warm and encourage them to stay for awhile. If coffee isn’t your favorite, go with a hot chocolate bar instead. Laid out with a selection of fun and tasty toppings. You might even gift your guests cute camper mugs to keep as  a wedding favor!

At Pine Lake Ranch we want you and all of your guests to feel comfortable! When booking your event, be sure to talk to our staff about options and alternatives in the event of rain. By planning for rain in advance, our team will be able to ensure that your day stays on track, runs smoothly, and that everyone remains cozy. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns!