How to Survive an Outdoor Summer Wedding in Texas


How to Survive an Outdoor Summer Wedding in Texas

When it comes down to selecting a wedding date, numerous couples are quick to omit the summer season. Most people are scared off by the impending heat and unforgiving sunshine, when there are numerous perks that come with hosting a summer wedding. If you have long dreamt of a summer wedding, don’t allow yourself to be put off so easily. Check out the following tips on how to survive an outdoor summer wedding before you disregard the sweet summertime.


Rock an Updo

There are several ways you can improve your personal comfort on a hot wedding day. To start, have your hairdresser style your hair in an updo. This will keep it off of your neck to help you stay cool. Similarly, request that your makeup artist uses lightweight products. Liquid makeup in particular can be a doozy, considering it can run off your face with the slightest bit of sweat. Instead, stick to powder products, or hire a professional with experience in airbrush makeup. It has become more and more popular for all seasons considering it is sweat-, water-, and tear-proof.


Keep Drinks on Hand

Save the alcohol for the reception ‒ we are talking about a thirst-quenching drink of water. A summer wedding can be dangerous with the soaring temperatures and stagnant air. To help people stay hydrated and cool, have an overstock of water and ice on hand. You might go with bottled water, or a self-serving station. If you want to spruce things up, serve a tart lemonade. Just remember, the less sugary a drink the more hydrating and satisfying it is.


Gift Some Sunnies

The summer sunshine, while beautiful and pleasant, can be a pain. There is nothing worse than attempting to watch a wedding ceremony with sunlight beaming directly into your eyes. Couples often come to notice this issue post-wedding, when their photographs feature guests squinting for relief. To prevent this problem, and alleviate any discomfort, gift your guests a pair of sunglasses. This will let them enjoy every aspect of the day, without jeopardizing their eyesight.


Have a Relief Station

There are some outdoor summer nuisances that are completely unavoidable, and can only be improved upon. To keep your guests comfortable, set up a relief station and stock it with your favorite products. Must-haves include sunscreen and bug spray, as well as unscented wet wipes or oil blotting sheets. These will help your guests stay fresh, and ensure that they feel comfortable. Take care to set up this station a little further away from social areas, to prevent the possibility of bug spray drifting into people’s airspace.


Create Some Shade

A requirement for any outdoor summer wedding, is the ability to escape the heat. Whether it be an outdoor tent or a reception hall, guests will appreciate the option to sit back and relax out of direct sunlight. Once you have a guest count, your venue or vendor will be able to confirm whether or not they have a tent, or the room, to accommodate all of your guests. If a tent is your only source of shelter, be proactive in preparing for unforeseen weather, such as siding.


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