Ideas for an Unplugged Wedding

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Ideas for an Unplugged Wedding

When phones and cameras weren’t one and the same, it was hardly an issue that wedding guests would snap a single picture. But present times and technology have created an unfortunate issue, where guests appreciate a wedding from behind a lens, making it understandable that more and more couples feel the need to host an unplugged wedding. To help you, here are a few ways to encourage your guests to adhere to your wishes:


On Your Invites


The best way to ensure that guests come to your event prepared is by making an announcement on your invitations. Specify that your event will be unplugged and that you encourage guests to leave their phones in their vehicles. This will decrease the likelihood that there are any phones on-site, whatsoever.


Put it in the Program


It might seem repetitive, but it can’t be said enough. Include your plan for an unplugged wedding in your programs. Specify that it is time to put any phones or other technology on silent and out of reach. You can also specify when they are welcome to have their phones out again – like at the reception.




One of the simplest ways to inform guests about your wishes is with signage. It can be strategically placed at various points throughout the venue,  perhaps at the entrance of the ceremony space. You can order signage from a vendor or shop, or create it on your own. For specific examples or inspiration, we encourage you to visit Pinterest.


Make an Announcement


Before starting your wedding ceremony, your officiant is likely to make a few announcements. It’s easy enough to include your wishes for an unplugged wedding. Ask guests to silence their phones and put them away, as well as any cameras. Let them know that you will be happy to share the images with them and that you would prefer them to be fully present for this milestone in your lives.


A Photo Station


If you have respectfully asked your guests not to use their phones, then perhaps offer an alternative solution like a photo booth or Polaroid station! A  specific area for photographs will allow guests to take photos and have memories of your event, which they can also share on social media and have as a keepsake.


Share Your Wedding Photos


Be sure to follow up on your promise to share your wedding photographs. If you have asked guests to follow your wishes for an unplugged wedding, then that is only right. You can order enough prints to go around or share the digital downloads. It will likely be best to work out an arrangement with your photographer.


At Pine Lake Ranch, we aim to make your day everything you have ever dreamt of. Whether unplugged or technologically themed. We are dedicated to caring for and catering to your needs. We offer affordable wedding packages including optional amenities – for you to choose from. Visit our website to learn more, or contact us today to book a tour of our venue.