In-Style: Groom Fashion Trends


In-Style: Groom Fashion Trends

When it comes to dressing your groom the options are endless! Two things are certain, however: 1) Your groom should be comfortable, and 2) Your groom should be allowed to showcase as much of his personality as the bride. To help you and your husband-to-be get inspired, here are some of the current groom fashion trends, from colors to pieces of clothing and more. 


Shirt and Tie Colorblocking

Monochromatic looks have been increasing in popularity. If you are for this trend, you can pull it off on your wedding day via a matching tie and shirt. Consider wearing a crisp white dress shirt with a matching tie, or a black bow on a black shirt, even khaki on khaki. Whatever color preference you choose! Although neutrals tend to look best in our opinion.


Dusty Colored Suits

Dusty colors have been trending over the past few years, from pinks to blues and beyond. If your groom isn’t as into bright colors, but still wants a less traditional look, consider a dusty hue. Suits come in next to every color nowadays, making your options quite diverse. Our personal favorites? A dusty pink or a dusty blue. 


Slim Fit Dress Pants

There is something super dapper about flashing some ankle. This trend is pretty divisive, but if it is your groom’s style, then we say go for it! You will first want to find some dress pants that stop just above the ankle – not too high! If necessary, you can crop an existing pair. He will then wear socks that are hidden or just go without. Be sure to find some trendy dress shoes, as they will be completely on show.


Velvet Blazers

Velvet isn’t for everyone, but if your groom is indecisive, go half and half. He can wear traditional dress pants with a velvet blazer. Find a blazer in a matching color, or consider choosing a color that matches one from your palette. We love a deep emerald, a deep red, as well as a blue. This look is especially popular for cool weather weddings, when your groom may want a little extra warmth.


Statement Shirts

A unique shirt is a fun way to let your groom showcase his personality on the big day. Let him choose a pattern, as subtle or as loud as he wants, to wear beneath his suit jacket or blazer. Two of the most popular patterns are floral prints and a classic paisley. Although plenty of men opt for a completely unique pattern, often featuring animals or geometric patterns. 


At Pine Lake Ranch we are always interested to see what the groom will wear – as much as the bride! And to make the groom and groomsmen’s day that much easier, we are proud to have an on-site Groom’s Corral. Inside, they will find everything needed to prepare and relax prior to walking down the aisle. Be sure to book a tour of our beautiful venue today, or feel free to contact us with any questions.