Modern Bridal Accessories (That Aren’t a Veil)

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Modern Bridal Accessories (That Aren’t a Veil)

Modern Bridal Accessories (That Aren’t a Veil)


Wedding veils are beautiful but times are changing! Brides have so many different options when it comes to accessorizing their dress, with something unique for every type and style of bride. Get inspired by some of the most popular modern bridal accessories, that aren’t a traditional veil!




The latest in wedding accessories are hats! Hats in every style and color, from pink wide brim fedoras to straw boater hats and sassy fascinators. No matter your bridal style, there is a beautiful hat for you. While especially popular come fall, hats can be worn year round. With lighter designs and colors for spring, and dark colors made with velvety materials come fall.


Tiaras & Headpieces


Headpieces have always been popular, but it’s time for a modern twist. Tiaras in particular have gotten a makeover, now made in some of the most ethereal designs. Think gold leaf, twisting vines, crystals and bold gemstones. Equally beautiful, but more boho, are head chains. Simple but unique pieces that sit across the forehead and feature dainty chains and jewels.




While veils are sometimes combined with combs, consider featuring this accessory alone. Combs come in all shapes and sizes, some big and some small. You can find combs in classic silver, bold gold, and with all sorts of flashy embellishments. Especially popular are pearls, which lend a chic and timeless bridal look.


Cape + Chains


A fun spin on wedding veils are capes! Similar to veils, capes attach at the shoulders, often around the neck. They can be as short or as long as any traditional wedding veil. Typically capes are plain and made of a lightweight material. To spice a cape up, you can pair it with shoulder chains. Made to sit on and fall around the shoulders, these chains are made with all kinds of embellishment stones. 


Chunky Headbands


For the bride who wants to make a chic statement, there are fun chunky headbands. Usually white and made of velvet or another soft material, these pieces are gaudy and stand off the head quite a bit. They often feature a cute tie, pearl embellishments or other over the top details. 


Floral Halo


Pass on the flower crown and opt for a floral halo! What’s the difference? Whereas flower crowns are dainty and usually sit across the forehead, floral halos are large and sit on top of the head. Like flower crowns they can be as bold and colorful as you like, making them the perfect accessory for a romantic bride or outdoor spring wedding.


At Pine Lake Ranch we are always eager to see how our brides will accessorize! You can trust that every bridal style looks stunning at our versatile venue. Want to make sure it aligns with your wedding vision before booking? Contact us to set up a tour of our venue today or take a virtual tour online.