Modern Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

wedding unity ceremony ideas

Modern Wedding Unity Ceremony Ideas

As weddings stray further from tradition, more couples are looking to include a unity ceremony in their wedding timeline. A symbolic ritual woven into the ceremony, unity ceremonies are a modern alternative to a vow exchange or reading. For those looking to stray outside of the norm, it is the perfect way to put a personal twist on your big day! To help spark some creativity, we’re sharing some of our favorite modern wedding unity ceremony ideas, with options for every type of couple.


An ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives, handfasting is an ultra-romantic option. It is one of the best visual ways to “tie the knot!” To make it extra special, allow both sets of parents to help tie the knot. 

Butterfly Release

Associated with love, hope, beauty, and the start of a new journey as a married couple, a butterfly release is a fun way to end your wedding ceremony. We love this idea for a garden wedding or vibrant outdoor ceremony!

Plant a Tree

This type of unity ceremony is as simple as it sounds. The couple will have a plant or sapling of their choice on hand, along with dirt and water. They will add both, or allow their parents to do so, to symbolize the joining of two. This ceremony is especially fun because the plant serves as a visual of your years spent together.

Take a Shot

Toasts are a popular part of wedding culture – from getting ready to the reception speeches. So why not incorporate one into your actual ceremony? It will also help calm your nerves! A similar, but more formal alternative, would be to make your signature cocktails.

Sand Ceremony

By far the most popular unity ceremony, a sand ceremony, is when the bride and groom take two different colored sands and pour them into a container at the same time. As the sand blends together, it will create a beautiful piece of art that symbolizes the joining of two people.

Wine Ceremony

A wine ceremony is a fun option for oenophiles, as well as for those who want a simpler unity ceremony. Simply choose two wines, combine them in one cup, then the bride and groom can share. It also makes for a great keepsake, perfect for future celebrations or anniversaries.

Pass the Rings

A more hands on unity ceremony called passing the rings is a unique way to involve your wedding guests. Pass both of your rings down either side of the aisle for your guests to bestow their blessings and good wishes upon.