Neutral Color Inspiration For a Modern Wedding

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Neutral Color Inspiration For a Modern Wedding

The latest wedding trend revolves around neutral color schemes. Neutral shades lend a modern and timeless look to any event. They are also versatile and can be used year round. Whether you’re hosting a cool or warm weather wedding. Get inspired when you learn about some of the hottest neutral wedding colors for 2021!



A pale warm sandy color, beige is one of the most popular neutrals. The primary color in a palette, it can be used to create an airy and chic look. It is beautiful year round, although most commonly used in spring. Pair it with other neutrals for a classic color scheme, or pinks and corals for a more romantic vibe.


Light Grey

A highly versatile color, light grey is easy to incorporate into a palette. It is often used for the groom and/or groomsmen’s suits or bridesmaid dresses. We love this color for spring, when it can be paired with a variety of bright colors, such as blues and pinks. And for winter, when it can be used to create a luxe formal wedding look.



Off-white typically means a cream or ivory. Although similar to beige, it is less warm and more yellow toned than brown. Cream or ivory is a classic bridal color, ideal for a warm-weather wedding. When used in a palette, consider featuring it alongside subtle pinks, soft yellows, or metallic gold.



A soft buttery yellow, this color is reminiscent of the bubbly that comes in a glass. Champagne is an especially hot neutral wedding color right now. It looks gorgeous on everyone, and is perfect for a modern and elegant palette. Feature it alongside coral and pinks for a vibrant spring palette, or navy for a bold winter event.



Olive is a dark yellow greenish-color. It is a must-have for a modern and timeless or minimalist themed wedding. It works best from spring through summer, especially for a lush outdoor event. Consider pairing it with pure whites and metallic gold, for a warm luxe look. Or add in some color via a bold teal or subtle blush.



Previously a non-traditional color, black is now all the rage. It is a beautiful color that works year round and often lends some much-needed contrast to a palette. Black is especially for formal or black tie events. Although it can be used with a variety of colors. Consider pairing it with pink for a more casual and romantic event, or jewel tones for a super moody vibe.



A darker and warmer shade of tan, the color camel is rich and luxurious. It is a less popular choice, but equally beautiful. When used, it is often paired with a cinnamon or spice, for a boho or retro themed palette. It also looks gorgeous alongside a variety of green tones, for those who prefer a larger range of colors.


At Pine Lake Ranch we are here for the neutral color trend! With lots of warm rustic elements throughout our venue, a neutral color scheme is easy to pull off. Whether you’re a fan of beige, olive or black, we can make it work. Visit our venue today to learn how you can bring your wedding vision to life in our event space, or contact us with any questions.