Our Favorite Flowers for a Fall Wedding

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Our Favorite Flowers for a Fall Wedding

As the fall wedding season approaches, our team looks forward to seeing more bouquets featuring deep autumnal colors and lots of texture. That is reminiscent of the season and will beautifully contrast a white wedding dress. Take a look at some of our favorite flowers for a fall wedding that you can easily incorporate into your bridal bouquet.

Pampas Grass

A fluffy, light brown grass, Pampas is an effective way to lend texture and volume to a bouquet. It has become especially popular for neutral-colored arrangements. However, come fall it looks especially gorgeous when complemented by orange, dark red, and burgundy. 

Magnolia Leaves

Although they are not a flower, Magnolia leaves are an extremely popular addition to bridal bouquets – even year-round. During fall, they often peak due to the dark green top and brown underside. Carefully displayed, they lend a touch of warmth; not to mention they pair well with neutral shades, such as ivory or white.

Purple Calla Lilies

If you want a unique yet sophisticated bouquet, then feature a bundle of purple calla lilies. They come in a range of purple shades to complement your color palette. This color oozes luxury and devotion, and is perfect for an elegant fall wedding.

Chocolate Cosmos

Although less mainstream, Chocolate cosmos flowers are a beautiful choice for bold brides. They are dark reddish brown, almost black, and have a chocolate scent. You might consider them if your wedding will feature a moodier look, or if you want to add more dimension to your bouquet.

Clementine Ranunculus

If you like the soft look of ranunculus but want more color, opt for Clementine Ranunculus. This popular bloom features a brilliant orange color that almost glows. It looks beautiful when complemented by other orange florals, as well as dark greenery.

Bunny Tails

While Bunny Tails are not flowers, but they are a popular addition to bridal bouquets come fall. They were named Bunny Tails because of the spiky inflorescences reminiscent of the furry cottontails of rabbits. These are a less voluminous alternative to pampas, and perfect for neutral or texture bouquets.

Orange Cymbidium Orchids

Orchids are a classic choice for a wedding, but for the fall consider adding a touch of color. Orange Cymbidium Orchids are beautiful, especially if paired with white ranunculus and roses, as well as greenery. They are a great statement flower, or can be complemented by other colorful blooms.


Known as “woolflowers,” Celosia is a fluffy plant that has a fire-shaped head. It is a gorgeous choice for a fall bridal bouquet, and a more colorful alternative to pampas grass. It comes in a variety of vibrant shades, but some of our favorites for the season are purple, orange, and maroon.

Bleeding Amaranthus

If you want a cascading bridal bouquet for a fall wedding, then you have to feature Amaranthus. A bold red color, it is sure to make a statement. Yet it is still soft and fluffy enough to be featured in a romantic arrangement with roses or greenery.