Our Favorite Wedding Shower Themes

bridal shower themes

Our Favorite Wedding Shower Themes

Planning to host a wedding shower? You’ll need a theme! A theme is not strictly about color palettes and decorations, but the vibe you want to create for guests. For example, some couples want a casual and intimate gathering, while others prefer a big and luxe celebration. To help you pick a theme that aligns with your style, get inspired by some of our favorite wedding shower themes for 2022.

Intimate Picnic

A fun theme for a smaller celebration is an intimate picnic. This is a unique option just for you and your close gal pals. Work with a local picnic company to set up a chic Bohemian party, featuring a jumble of mismatched area rugs and poufs at a low sitting table. The cozier, the better! If you have the budget for it, you can achieve a more luxe look with ultra-trendy place settings and other décor.

Champagne Brunch

If you want a chic but casual affair, consider a champagne brunch. Gathering earlier in the day will leave the evening free for your guests, so it’s a great choice if you plan to host on the weekend. A brunch-based celebration also offers a lot of fun dining options, such as your favorite breakfast fare or finger foods like fruit trays, finger sandwiches, and pastries. For clothing, we recommend relaxed cocktail attire.

Backyard BBQ

There’s nothing quite as nostalgic as a backyard BBQ. This is a great option for brides who prefer a more casual gathering with next to nothing on the agenda. It’s as simple as whipping up your favorite summer foods, hot and cold, and icing down the drinks. You might also rent a few yard games, like corn hole or giant Jenga. If you plan to have a lot of kids in attendance, this is another reason this theme is a good option!

High Tea

With Bridgerton being so popular, we expect to see a lot of high tea-inspired gatherings. Airy and romantic, they’re versatile in that they can be hosted indoors or out – a garden would be a lovely setting. The real focal point should be the vintage-inspired décor, as well as the light bites and drinks. For this theme, we recommend requesting that guests wear theme-appropriate clothing, such as knee-length sundresses, for especially memorable photos.

Glitz & Glam

If you want to host a formal gathering, we recommend that you start off by securing a worthy venue. Somewhere with a neutral color palette that will lend a timeless look. You will also likely want to have this event catered, with an open bar. This style event is more reminiscent of a social-focused cocktail hour, so we suggest noting a formal dress code on the invitations.

Jack & Jill Shower

Want to throw tradition aside? Opt for a Jack & Jill shower where both men and women are welcome, groom-to-be included. There’s nothing wrong with welcoming everyone to the party, especially if you hold your guests close. It might mean that hosting costs a little more, but it also means that more of your guests are likely to work together and pitch in to make it happen.