Our Top 4 Tips for Hosting at Pine Lake Ranch

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Our Top 4 Tips for Hosting at Pine Lake Ranch

After booking your wedding venue, you’re likely to have several months to plan before the big day arrives. Meaning, you have plenty of time to prepare – and we want to help you do so adequately. After all, our sprawling estate is like no other! So, today we’re sharing the need-to-know tips for hosting your wedding at Pine Lake Ranch. From what you should bring to ideas on décor and much more.

Plan to Stay Awhile

First things first, you’ll be on-site for the majority of the day. Your booking includes access to the venue for 13 hours between 11am and 11pm. Typically, brides and grooms start their wedding day by relaxing and getting ready in our private Bridal House and Groom’s corral. Both include modern amenities, such as kitchens. For this reason, we encourage you to bring any food and drinks that you might want or need such as fresh fruit, juice, seltzers, or even more indulgent snacks like ice cream. Take advantage of the space and bring whatever will make you more comfortable.

Keep it Simple

One of the main reasons that couples choose to host their event at Pine Lake Ranch is the natural beauty of our venue. This means that you don’t have to decorate as much as you might have had to at other venues – unless you want to! In addition to the gorgeous outdoor setting, such as the ancient oak and sparkling lake, our buildings feature modern designs and rustic details. You can keep your décor minimal, yet, easily create a wedding look that is elegant and timeless. We even store a handful of bride-tested and approved rentals on-site, such as centerpieces, that are included with your booking!

Don’t be Afraid of Color!

Pine Lake Ranch boasts a neutral color palette, largely thanks to the beautiful natural surroundings. This was done deliberately, as it offers our couples a much wider choice of color palettes. A neutral color scheme will complement the existing palette and lend a more modern and sophisticated look to your event. However, a colorful palette is equally easy to pull off! Bright and bold shades contrast with the existing palette perfectly, lending a chic and lighthearted feel. So, don’t be afraid to bring your own style and personality to your day!

Wear Comfy Shoes

In case you didn’t know, Pine Lake Ranch consists of a total of 25 acres! This expansive land includes a sparkling lake, rolling hills, and fields and all are yours to play with on the big day. To ensure you can make the most of it, we encourage every couple to bring a pair of comfy shoes. It’s easy enough to switch back into your fancy soles, and you’ll reap the reward of countless natural backdrops for your wedding portraits. If you plan to take your entire wedding party with you, be sure to recommend that they do the same!