Outdoor Wedding Aisle Décor Inspiration

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Outdoor Wedding Aisle Décor Inspiration

Your grand entrance happens at the ceremony so it’s important to include beautiful aisle décor. It can be simple or extravagant depending upon your vision. But most brides prefer to spruce up the seating section a little. To help spark your creativity, here are a few ideas for outdoor wedding aisle décor!

Layered Rugs

For a cozy and welcoming ceremony design, layered rugs can be placed down the aisle. Vintage-inspired colors or prints will lend a boho-chic vibe, meanwhile, faux cowhide lends some southern charm. If you prefer a simpler look, place a single rug in front of your wedding arbor to frame the space.

Flower Petals

If you want to compliment the natural outdoor setting, then flower petals are an easy way to decorate. Just be sure to choose a color that complements your palette. For a fun wow factor, consider arranging the flower petals into a unique shape or design.

Lanterns & Candles

The ceremony is undoubtedly the most romantic part of a wedding. So why not set the mood with beautiful lanterns or candles? Lanterns come in many shapes and styles including small and rustic or tall and sleek. As for candles, you can light pillars of various heights, or place them in cylindrical glass vases.

Miniature Bouquets

Keep your wedding décor simple when you attach miniature bouquets to the aisle seats. These arrangements can be made to match your other floral arrangements. Or, opt for bundles of greenery tied with a large ribbon. This option is an easy way to complement lush spring or summer foliage!


For brides who prefer a soft and minimalistic look, go with drapery. Simply take cheesecloth, or the material of your choice, and drape it over the back of the aisle seats to one side. An asymmetrical design will make it more visually appealing! Once in place, you can embellish it with ribbon or a small bundle of greenery.


This idea is as functional as it is beautiful. Lush strands of garland can be tied to each seat down the aisle, to separate guests from the wedding party. It will also help keep guests from leaning their bodies or phones into the aisle way throughout the ceremony. If you like, sprinkle your garlands with flowers featured in the bridal bouquet.

Potted Plants

If you want a slightly homey look, consider featuring potted plants! The pot is likely to depend on the plant, so consider your overall theme. For example, terracotta would best suit a modern desert theme. Meanwhile, mismatched porcelain pots would complement a vintage-inspired affair.

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