Postponing Your Wedding? 7 Ways to Remain Excited Despite COVID-19

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Postponing Your Wedding? 7 Ways to Remain Excited Despite COVID-19

Across the states, brides and grooms have made the difficult decision to postpone their wedding. In the midst of mourning your original wedding date and scrambling to reschedule, you may start feeling a little blue. To help you remain excited for your impending wedding, here are 8 ways to celebrate your original wedding date despite Coronavirus.


Exchange Love Letters

There is something sweet about reading a love letter and something even sweeter about writing one. It always seems easier to pour out your emotions on paper versus in person, and there is no pressure from an audience. Alternatively, you may choose to write a new set of vows for the wedding and read your first set to one another.


Eat Your Wedding Cake

Sharing your wedding cake is fun, not to mention delicious, way to celebrate your original  wedding date. Contact your baker and ask them to make a single layer cake for the two of you to eat together. If your original baker is not open or available, try and find someone else to make the same flavors or whip out the ingredients at home. Even just a cupcake or two will do!


Plan Your Honeymoon

The post-wedding honeymoon has long been one of the most exciting perks of getting married. What more could you want than to spend one-on-one time, often traveling and experiencing new things, with your life-long partner. Spend your time in quarantine building up the excitement with potential honeymoon plans. For assistance, contact travel agent Cheri at 


Open a Present (or a few)

Whether you are two or twenty, opening presents is exciting. If you’re in need of a little mood boost, consider opening a few of your wedding presents or cards that have been sent to your home. No one will know the difference, and even if they did, they wouldn’t mind it if they knew how immensely it helped you during a difficult time. Go ahead and open a few, just don’t get ahead of yourself!


Host a Virtual Happy Hour

Aside from yourself, your guests would also likely enjoy celebrating your original wedding date. Consider using a free platform, like Zoom or Skype to host a virtual happy hour with a handful of your family, friends or even your wedding party. Encourage people to get dressed up and have a few drinks on hand. If you want, you can even compile and share a fun party playlist for people to get up and dance to.


Practice your First Dance

If you love movies, then chances are you have seen at least one where a couple pushed the living room furniture aside to dance. Pay homage to the wedding day first dance tradition by getting in some practice. Whether or not you have an actual dance routine in mind, it will be a lot of fun, and help the two of you keep from stepping on one another’s toes come the big day.


Stay in Bed

If you have fallen victim to anxiety and fear over the current state of the world, as many have, take a step back. Shift your focus from the news, the number of cases and all of the things you are having to postpone, back to what matters the most. Your fiance. To do this, consider putting your technology away for the day and spending some time in bed, maybe with breakfast or a movie, simply enjoying  each other’s company.


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