Pros & Cons: Children At Weddings

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Pros & Cons: Children At Weddings

As you create a guest list for your wedding, you are likely to encounter friends or family with children. For some couples, having children in attendance is a no brainer. For others, it can be a serious debate. Children are fun and also important members of your family, although some may prefer more adult-centered activities. We’re sharing some of the pros and cons to having children at your wedding, to help you make a confident decision when building a guest list.


The Pros of Children at Weddings

  • It is considered more gracious – Family and friends find it especially welcoming when you allow every member of their party to attend. This is especially true for parents uninterested in hiring a baby- sitter. Plus, kids tend to love weddings!
  • It is a change to get creative – For couples who want to go all out on their wedding day, creating entertainment for kids is another opportunity. Elegant, kid-friendly dining set-ups to hands on fun and games, create the most inviting atmosphere for your younger guests.
  • They encourage adults to let loose – No one is quite as talented as getting adults on their feet as young children. There is something about watching them let loose on the dance floor that encourages everyone to have fun.


The Cons of Children at Weddings 

  • Lack of cooperation – Let’s face it – kids are unruly. It’s just a part of being a kid! Even the most well behaved kids will have a tantrum. And at weddings, it seems to be at the most inopportune times, like your vows or first dance. 
  • Parents with children will leave early – If not that many guests have children, then it will be less of a problem. But if you have a lot of parents with kids in attendance, they can largely contribute to ending the night early. It only takes a handful of people heading out to signal that the party is over.
  • Your event has to be kid-friendly – Not everyone wants to censor themselves on their wedding day, and that’s okay. If children are invited, you have to have entertainment available for them. In addition, the other activities may need to be toned down, such as your music choices. 


If you Do Not Invite Children…

If you opt to not allow children at your wedding, there are a few things to consider. One of the first being that some of your guests with children may choose not to attend, not necessarily out of offense, but because childcare may be unavailable or they may have very young children who they are not ready to separate from. Don’t take offense to this choice! Simply understand that this is a possibility and take it into consideration when making your decision on whether or not to invite children.


At Pine Lake Ranch we respect each of our couple’s decisions. Just know that should you allow children at your event, there is plenty of room for roam and play. It is essential that children remain supervised during their visit to our venue, although our fields and reception barn offer lots of options for entertainment, including our string lit corral, where outdoor games are a must-have! Book your tour at Pine Lake Ranch today or contact us with any questions or concerns.