Questions Your Wedding Party Needs Answers To

Questions Your Wedding Party Needs Answers To

As you ask people to be a part of your wedding party, there will be a number of questions you should be prepared to answer. Whether or not someone has been a part of a wedding previously, the answers will be different for every bride and groom. Discuss these questions and the potential answers with your partner, so you will be prepared.


When and where?

This is the first question your bridesmaids and groomsmen will have. They are primarily referring to the date and location of the wedding ceremony and reception. Your answer will determine whether or not they are able to attend and therefore be a part of your party. Later, the answer will extend to specific times and locations for other events, such as the rehearsal dinner.


What am I expected to pay for? 

It can feel a little awkward to be candid about money, but transparency is best. By being honest with your wedding party about your expectations, they will be able to be honest in return. Let them know the list of responsibilities that they will be responsible for paying for, such as transportation, their wedding attire, and a hotel. The overall cost could mean that they can not afford to be a part of your special day, and is a reality that you should prepare for.


How am I going to afford this? 

Some people simply can not afford to be in a wedding. It can be costly, often around a $1000 or more per person when you add everything up. As a bride and groom who are asking people to take on such a responsibility, you should be understanding when people express their concerns. Discuss alternatives that cost less, or whether you might be willing to cover some costs yourself.


Which events am I supposed to attend?

The wedding party will need to know the ins and outs of your expectations in regards to which events they are required to attend. Open communication is key. As soon as you decide on an event time and location, pass the information over to your wedding party. When you have created a wedding day timeline, be sure to share it as well. This way everyone will be on the same page.


Do I automatically get a plus one? 

Some people assume that because they are in your wedding party they get a plus one. This is obviously not the case, and your wedding party should be told so. Let them know your decision as soon as you have asked them to be a part of the wedding, or specify that you will get back to them once a decision has been made.


Do I still have to buy a wedding gift? 

Etiquette says yes. However whether or not the wedding party is still expected to buy a gift is up to each couple. Considering how much each member of the wedding party often spends, some couples forgo a gift. Even if you inform your bridesmaids and groomsmen of this decision, it is up to them whether or not they choose to get a gift.


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