Real Versus Fake Wedding Flowers: The Pros and Cons

Real Versus Fake Wedding Flowers: The Pros and Cons

One of many choices a bride and groom will have to make in the wedding planning process is the variety of flowers to feature at their wedding. More specifically, whether the flowers will be real or fake. While there are many reasons a couple may choose to go with either, there are good and bad sides to each. To make your decision a little bit easier, here are the pros and cons of real and fake wedding flowers.


Real Flowers

Easily the first option for couples, real flowers currently remain the standard for weddings. Flower shops are easy to find, can cater to a budget and will have a variety of plants to choose from. The biggest benefit is that the florist can do all of the work for you, including sourcing, designing, delivery and set up.


Con: Real flowers are fragile and easily damaged. Although this delicacy is a part of the allure, the reality is that bouquets are packed from place to place throughout the day. You and your wedding party will have to be careful. 


Pro: Real flowers come with the benefit that they are naturally fragrant. Not always a necessity for brides and grooms, it is a nice touch that does go noticed by guests when in close proximity. 


Con: Unfortunately real flowers have a limited life span. From the moment they are cut they begin dying, meaning there can be no serious delays in the wedding timeline. You will have to be diligent about keeping them in water until the wedding ceremony begins.


Pro: To some people authenticity is everything. If this is you, then real flowers are the only option. Real flowers lend a sense of beauty and romance that isn’t always achievable with fake arrangements.


Con:  Real flowers are costly, and rightly so when you consider labor, design, delivery and set up. They are even more expensive if your bouquet of choice consists of flowers that are out of season or in high demand.


Fake Flowers

Frequently overlooked, fake flowers are a viable option that is increasing in popularity. Designers of fake arrangements are continually popping up, although your choices for the types of flowers that can be created are limited. Many of these arrangements are offered online, in which case you will pay for shipping and will be responsible for the set up at your event. Alternatively you can craft or source the arrangement yourself. 


Pro: Although not always the case, fake flowers tend to be more affordable. The labor costs are less and so are the materials they are made with. In addition, you won’t have to worry about an up charge due to the season in which you choose to host your wedding. Every flower is available year round.


Con: Fake flowers are unscented and they will not feel real. Upon close inspection they may not look real. This may be preferable however as they are non allergenic. It is a great alternative if you or any of your guests are sensitive.


Pro: For couples who are hosting an eco-friendly event, fake flowers are a great option. Equally beautiful, they can be recyclable as well as reusable. You and/or your guests can take them home as a keepsake or to use for decor.


Pro: As previously mentioned, you will be toting some of your arrangements around all day. Fake flowers won’t wilt or fall to pieces if they are dropped or handled roughly. This makes them easier to transport and less susceptible to damage. Not to mention, fake arrangements are often relatively lightweight.


At Pine Lake Ranch we have hosted a number of weddings and have therefore seen both real and fake flower arrangements. Ultimately the choice is up to you, although we do suggest that you visit our venue prior to purchasing an arrangement. It is best that you see the type of foliage in the area and how your choice will compliment the event space. Contact us today to book a tour, or with any questions!