Reasons To Have A Live Band For Your Wedding Reception

Reasons To Have A Live Band For Your Wedding Reception

In the process of planning your wedding reception you will be faced with the choice of hiring a DJ or live band. While most brides and grooms opt for a DJ, you should seriously weigh the perks of a live band. Check out some of the reasons that you may prefer a band, depending on the type of reception you intend to host.


More Energy

An undeniable fact about live bands is that they bring contagious energy levels. A DJ can play energetic music, but that doesn’t always translate to an energetic crowd. A live band has to have stage presence which often incites excitement in the crowd. They will set the tone and atmosphere of your reception. With the right band, your guests will have a hard time remaining in their seats. 



A live band often comes with a sizable repertoire and the ability to be flexible. A DJ has very limited abilities in terms of their control over a song. A live band can start and stop when necessary, amp up the tempo and their performance energy, and so on. This makes them able to act according to your guests needs to keep the party going in the right direction.


It is an Experience

Above all else, a live band is an experience. Your guests connect with the music, the energy and the band members. This is what makes a live band so enjoyable, as they feel at one with the music and united with other guests in the experience. There is also the fact that no two performances are alike, a notion that will be at the forefront of your guests mind. They will be incredibly excited to be a part of this once in a lifetime performance.


It is Memorable

Concerts are an experience that are hard to forget. The same will apply to your wedding if you choose to have a live band. The entertainment value of a live band is extremely high, as the music is something your guests will be able to see and feel. With so many of your senses in action, you and your guests will always be able to remember the last song of the night.


More Intimate

A live band is playing solely for you and your guests at your wedding. Whether they have been hired before is irrelevant, because no two performances will be the same. This is important to your guests as it aligns with the intimacy of a wedding. A live performance is also personal and fleeting. They will be more likely to take part in the music as they understand that it will be a short-lived moment.


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