Spring Wedding Inspiration For 2019

Pine Lake Ranch

Spring Wedding Inspiration For 2019

March through May is a time of new life, and the perfect season for a marriage to bloom. Springtime in Texas is beautiful, with an average temperature ranging between 65 and 70 degrees. What does a spring wedding entail? All things romantic and vibrant! Keep reading to discover some of the hottest inspiration for the season, and how you can incorporate these popular trends into your wedding.


Flower Power

Known for its awe inspiring wildflowers, particularly bluebonnets, Texas is a flower-child’s dream come true. During the spring, take advantage of the vibrant wildflowers that are in bloom. These will bring a gorgeous yet casual vibe to the day. You might even steal a few colors for other decorations. Utilize them in centerpieces, or fill your bouquet with the fresh florals. If you want a fuller bouquet, fluff it up it with other soft florals, such as delphinium, poms, and myrtle or lemon leaf. Explore Pinterest for ways to tie your decor together using a spattering of wildflowers.


Spring Wedding Attire

Although vibrant, springtime is a romantic season. When selecting your wedding day attire, consider how the different styles may clash or mesh with the setting. Try styles that incorporate lace, tulle, floral appliques, layered skirts, and even color. A hint of blush can be breathtaking, and bring a glow to the brides complexion. If you are a flower crown kind of girl, now is your time to shine. For the groom and groomsmen, consider colored suits, like a bright navy or a deep red. To tie in with the bridesmaids, try a floral printed tie or pocket square that incorporates the dress color(s). Finish the look with brown shoes, that pop against the color of the suit.


Wedding Decor

Spring wedding decor is limitless, to the point of being overwhelming. It is one of the most versatile wedding seasons. In general, you should try to avoid overwhelming the eye. Simple will cost less, yet can be equally stunning and elegant. Consider white or ivory for a base color, and vibrant colors for accents. For centerpieces, utilize a vase with flowers, or a lantern with a single candle. Drape greenery and tulle across chair backs, table fronts and tent poles. You may even have an interactive flower wall photo station, for people to step in front of and snap pictures.


Rain Photos

While spring temperatures may be ideal, the weather can go from sunshine to rain in mere minutes. Most couples may dread the thought of rain on their wedding day, however there are a few perks to a sudden downpour. The foremost being intimate, moody wedding photographs. For couples who have experienced this situation, they can confirm the magic that rain brings to a photograph. Have an umbrella, and some cute rain boots at the ready, in case you are graced with this lucky weather. To be even better prepared, read our previous blog on how to handle rain on your wedding day.


Spring Wedding Color Schemes

One of the most difficult decisions, is narrowing down a wedding color scheme. We have compiled a set of popular palettes that have proven to be gorgeous, and incorporate colors prominent in the springtime. Consider these colors to get inspired, before choosing a combination of your own. Be sure that the colors you select not only suit your taste, but compliment your wedding venue as well.

  • Sage, blush, ivory and white
  • Grey, lavender, ivory, pale turquoise, and plum
  • Peach, blush, ivory, powder blue, and dusky blue
  • Coral, blush, cream, sage, and dark green.
  • Brown, peach, cream, ivory and white.
  • Midnight, navy, peach, blush, cream and gold.


Pine Lake Ranch is the perfect venue for a spring wedding. With our live ancient oak tree, sparkling lake and sprawling grounds, your guests will enjoy the true beauty of Texas in the springtime. Learn about our customizable wedding packages, and how we can bring your dreams to life. Contact us to schedule a tour of the venue, or book your wedding date today.