Stunning Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

Stunning Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

One of the most important decorative choices you will make for your wedding is the ceremony backdrop. The backdrop you choose will set the stage for the vow exchange and be used as a frame by the wedding photographer. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular wedding ceremony backdrops to get inspired. It is our hope that these ideas will encourage you to get creative for your own event!


Floral Wedding Arbor

Plain metal and wood wedding arbors are a classic choice, but why stop there? Add some color and life to a standard arbor by attaching some fresh florals that match your palette or bridal bouquet. You can cover the entirety of the arbor, or place flowers on key points such as the upper corners. Alternatively, you can use greenery or pampas grass versus flowers. Make the plumage as subtle or gaudy as you like and feel free to add in additional decorations, bits and baubles. 


Wedding Fireplace

The hearth is the symbol of a home, making it a fitting backdrop for the unity of two people. Many venues feature a fireplace, which can be decorated with candles, florals, greenery or anything else that aligns with your theme. If your venue does not have a fireplace, consider creating a freestanding fireplace. You can purchase these new or find old fireplaces at antique markets, depending on the style of your wedding.


Tapestry Quote Backdrop

There are a number of quotes that relate to love or may accurately encapsulate your feelings for your fiance. Consider featuring a quote, from a book, movie, or song, on a rectangular piece of tapestry for your wedding ceremony backdrop. This is a piece of decor that you could easily DIY, hire a calligrapher for, or order from a seller on Etsy. We love this one which features the phrase, “I have found the one whom my soul loves”. If a tapestry is too rustic for your wedding theme, consider ordering a cut out off your initials and affixing it to a boxwood hedge wall backdrop instead. 


Grounded Floral Arch

A popular choice for couples who chose a venue with a view, a grounded floral arch creates a stage without blocking the natural background. Creating a half circle on the ground, a floral arch can be as tall or as short as you prefer and feature a variety of greenery and florals. It can match your other flowers or the surrounding area. You might consider this option if your wedding will take place on the beach, at a mountain overlook, or at a similar location.


Tulle Backdrops

A tulle backdrops are a beautiful choice for romantic or ethereal styled weddings. The flowing fabric can be draped over an arbor, hand directly from a line, or even be pinned directly to a wall. For a romantic wedding consider dropping lines of string lights behind it, for a beautiful but subtle glow. For an ethereal or wooded wedding, you can attach florals or greenery. We think this backdrop looks especially beautiful outdoors.


Geometric Wedding Backdrop

For a modern wedding theme, spruce things up with a geometric wedding backdrop. Made of metal or wood, this backdrop will be in the shape of a triangle, a hexagon, or another geometric shape. Attach florals or bunches of greenery to the angles of these shapes, add drapery or macrame hangings, or hang a cutout of your last name in the center.


Wedding Door Backdrop

Doors have been a popular wedding ceremony backdrop for several years now, particularly for Southern or rustic weddings. As there are so many unique door styles and a variety of door shapes, the possibilities are endless. For example, if your venue has a view, consider choosing a door with numerous window panels. If you have a rustic theme, choose doors that have paint chipping off. You can attach florals and greenery for additional color.


At Pine Lake Ranch we have seen our fair share of wedding ceremony backdrops, from geometric shapes to tapestries and more! It is always exciting to see what brides and grooms will come up with, and which area of our venue they will choose to host their ceremony. Take a virtual tour of our venue today to get inspired, or contact us with any questions. We can’t wait to be a part of your special day!