Summer Wedding Decoration Inspiration

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Summer Wedding Decoration Inspiration

Choosing wedding decorations are fun for some, and stressful for others. Either way, we promise you will want to have a say when it comes to your own day. As to set themselves and their special day apart from the rest, couples are constantly coming up with new and unique ways to decorate. Keep reading for some of the most recent summer wedding trends that you can replicate or use to get your own creative juices flowing. Just make sure you share them with us!


Colored Glass

Mason jars are cute and convenient, but brightly colored vases of varying shapes bring an effortless, yet chic, look to your day. For a centerpiece, you can use one large vase and a floral arrangement, or try a cluster of several vases and more sparse bouquets. Your choice may also depend on whether you have circular or rectangular dinner tables.


Romantic Drapery

Whether you choose to host an indoor or outdoor wedding, drapery is an easy way to cover or accent a venue, or lack of one. It can be used to construct an archway, create a partition between rooms, to cover a bland ceiling, or hide obnoxious tent poles. It can be accomplished with several materials, such as tobacco cloth, cheesecloth or tulle.


Bright Florals

Next to a white wedding dress, colorful flowers contrast beautifully. If you have a predominantly white color scheme, brighten the room up with bold blooms. For example, spider mums, cosmos, various colored orchids, hydrangeas, poppies, dahlias, lilys, peony’s, roses and gerbera daisies. For filler, you might use wildflowers of varying heights, or traditional greenery.


Succulents and Greenery

If you are going for a minimalist wedding theme, think green. Use ivy as a runner for tables, to circle table centerpieces, or to decorate poles or beams. For a wedding favor, consider gifting your guests with a small succulent of their own. You will be surprised by the range of green shades available, and the fresh ambience the color exudes.



Citrus fruits are not just for garnishing your drinks! Oranges, lemons, limes and pomegranates are being featured in floral arrangements, to decorate wedding cakes, and as centerpieces. Try lining a clear container with citrus slices, or even the whole fruit, before adding your water and flowers. It will bring a bright and unique zing to an otherwise typical arrangement.


String Lights

There is something extra special about standing beneath fairy or bulb lights on a summer night. Besides illuminating a dark space, string lights primarily create a romantic ambience. Try wrapping them around tent poles or support beams, or string them vertically to cover bare walls or entryways. For even more fun, use them as a backdrop for a photo booth.


Calligraphy Backdrops

Backdrops are a popular way to fill or frame a space. A trending version is a blank white canvas with a handwritten phrase of your choice. It can be a bible verse, song lyric, or a personal saying. Consider using it during the wedding ceremony, or placing it behind the bridal party table at the reception.


Hanging Decor

When you host an event outdoors, you have to get creative when it comes to decorating. One popular trend is hanging glass bottles or lightbulbs filled with a small handful of flowers. You could also use paper or metal lanterns, birdcages, dream catchers, or a combination. The possibilities are endless! Just be sure the items won’t fall on your guests, and remove all materials after your event.


At Pine Lake Ranch, we are eager to see all of the innovative decorations our couples have dreamt up. While our venue and the surrounding acreage is beautiful as is, decorations truly bring it to life. Learn about our wedding packages, and our decorations that are available to use or rent. They include decorative metal or wood arbors, a chandelier, table linens, and more. Contact us with any questions, or to book your event.